Ummm... WOW!!

So I weighed in yesterday... and it was a good weigh in. Before I tell you this, keep in mind that I really haven't lost in the last four weeks or so. I have been up and down on the same lb. So I think my body was just hanging on to it and finally decided to let go. Okay, so remember how I told you I had lost about 4lbs, well.... I was wrong. Yesterday for my Weight Watchers weigh in I was down 8.4lbs. Seriously. It was funny, because when the lady asked me what I did, I told her I ate on plan and tracked. Hmm... not rocket science, and yet we just make it so difficult for our selves sometimes! As I've thought about what else it could've been, there were a couple of things I could attribute it to:

1. I tracked and ate on plan.
2. I made sure to get all my veggies and fruits in.
3. I drank all my water.
4. I tried some new recipes which made it fun to eat healty.
5. I bought this new whole grain hot ceral, really tasty and VERY high in fiber. Let's just say it really kept things moving. :)
6. I took my minerals and vitamins every day.
7. Last weeks meeting was about recognizing our strengths. I think one of the things I finally recognized, I can do this! I have been struggling the last couple of weeks mentally, as you know. I finally told myself that I can do this and that I expect more out myself, and I lived upto those expectations. And it paid off.

I'll have some before an after pictures to show you soon. There isn't a whole lot of visible difference yet, but I've noticed little things. I have one pair of pants that I have to hold up as I walk or they could slip right down. Yeah, pantsing my self at work would NOT be funny, well.... okay.... it would kind of be funny. I have another pair of pants that were really tight and made me muffin top, but I noticed on Tuesday, that there was no muffin top when I put them on - well, at least while I was standing. Haha. And I've been able to start wearing a pair of jeans that I had to say good bye to for a while. Also, the bracelet that my blog is named after got so loose, I had to take the extra link out of the clasp. It's fun to see your hard work really start to pay off. Anyway, I'm soo happy with all this and feeling good. Ready for another good week!!



congrats on your weight loss!! Your are an inspiration to me and my flaky quest for the same weight loss goal! keep up the good work.
Deborah said…
Yay!!!! I am so proud of you Sam! You CAN do it! You keep me inspired to keep on keepin' on.
Sam said…
What ever Deobrah, YOU inspire ME!!!! Look at how AMAZING you look!!! Whew!
Yay Sam! I am so proud of you girl. Keep setting yourself up for can do anything you set your mind to--I am convinced of that! Love ya :)
Anonymous said…
That is GREAT news about your loss. I am so proud of you.
I'd like to know, what is that cereal that you purchased? I need something full of fiber. :)
Thanks for inspiring a bunch of us & keep up the good work
julielopez3 said…
Sam, I want you go know your weigh loss this week inspired me to really stay on track myself. I didn't have as good of a loss as you did, but I was down which is the right direction. My friend Nicole and I looked for you Thursday hope to see you next week. Good luck on this week!

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