Thank you!

Last night I went to check my blog for comments, and was shocked to find one that was not quite as supportive as I'm use to. Really my readers have spoiled me. My readers have been so kind to me, so forgiving of my many shortcomings, so encouraging when I've been down, and offering praise when I've done well. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw the comment yesterday "You seem like such an idiot to me!" from an anonymous reader. Have to be honest; I hope the person who wrote that is reading this. I'm sure that they are curious at what I would do and say, so this is for you my friend. My first initial reaction was of course, hurt. I put my heart out there, and someone felt the need to step on it. For someone who is already insecure and unsure of herself, that was not really what I needed. Then, I started to feel angry; I started to have all sorts of mean thoughts and wanted to sling mud right back. From the moment I read it, I have debated about whether I should say something or not, or if I should delete it or not. Obviously someone that posts something like that is trying to get some kind of reaction and I couldn't decide if I wanted to give in. I took a hot shower, and as I started to relax, I started to think about why someone would say something like that. Really, what's the point? That person was either, one, someone pretending to be my friend. In which case, I would hope that ALL my friends know that if they have some feedback to give me, and I am being idiotic (which is different than telling someone they are an idiot), I would hope they know they could talk to me about it. Of course, I would hope they chose a more private way to do it, but if not, I'll still take it. Or two, this person is a complete stranger who just wants to make waves. Either way, it wasn't nice. And honestly, I'm sure it won't be the last time it happens. When you put yourself out there on the internet, you open yourself up to it. That was realization number one. Realization number two, there are really only three opinions that really should matter. God, myself, and my husband. (Willow is trying to bite my hands right now and I can't type! Haha) This is something I have struggled with my entire life. Allowing other's opinions matter to me too much. After my shower, I was reading my scriptures, and had realization number three. That God loves me, and he loves this person too. He wants me to forgive others as he forgives me. I make so many mistakes everyday, and if I can be forgiven, I should forgive too. So who ever you are, I forgive you. And if that makes me an idiot, then so be it. So to my anonymous friend, I say thank you. Thank you for helping me along my path of learning to rely more on my Father in heaven.



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