Thursday, May 1, 2014

Profound words

Usually when I sign up for WW (because sadly, I've done it what feels like a million times) there is this excitement and drive to be perfect. And I track every bite. And I eat all my veggies, and live with a water bottle at my side. I always have that honeymoon where I drop a good 10lbs before I start to stumble a little. 

This time, no honeymoon. I'm just stumbling. 

The thing is, it's okay. 

Maybe I am taking a page out of Intuitive Eating still, but even though I haven't been tracking. Or really doing much more than attending the meetings, it's okay. I have been patient with myself about it. I haven't judged it, or myself. I've been able to see that things in my life are just a "little" crazy right now and the stress and emotions are just to heavy right now. And... it's okay. (I have been walking again and am up to about 6-8 miles a week. Loving that!!)

I'm attending a meeting once a week, and that has been awesome! I have had some great insights and although I'm not following plan, I still see the value in going. And although I'm not following plan, my eating habits are changing. Some days are better than others, but there is progress. And for now, that is enough. 

So the profound words I speak of in the title of my post are not my own. They come from the meeting I attended tonight. We had been talking about shifting our focus during the week from "weight loss" to "living on plan". Rather than stressing about losing weight or not, focusing more on the steps to get there. Eating great foods, within points, hitting the heatlhy checks, etc. 

The leader mentioned on the Today show a segment they did called "Love your selfie". They had the hosts stand in front of a mirror and say what they saw. She said it was surprising how someone she thought was so beautiful or handsome didn't see it. And then she said something I loved! 

She said we have to remember that inside is a soul. And that soul is beautiful. And that no matter what we see when we look in the mirror, if we could take that soul out and look at it in the mirror, it would be so easy to fall in love with ourselves.

I think that so often we just focus on the packaging. We stare at it, we despise it, we criticize it, we criticize other's packaging, and occasionally we may like or love it too. I think too often we forget that while our bodies are definitely a gift from God, and deserve our love and respect, they do not make up who we are. Too often we get the two confused. And then we just end up in a world of hurt and pain unnecessarily.

This week I am going to try and be better about being on plan. And I am going to focus on remembering the person I am on the inside is already amazing and wonderful. And even more than that - the person on the inside of my family and loved ones are truly beautiful. They deserve love and respect and kindness. So does every stranger on the street - no matter what they look like. And so do I.