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One Year Later

Today marks the one year anniversary from when I started on my journey toward better health. This is going to be one of those long winded posts, so ya know, bear with me. :)
Last year, I was in a desperate place. And through a series of unexpected events, I decided to take a risk. To try a program I had previously turned down my nose on. Truth be told - I was scared. I had a lot of... pessimistic thoughts. I was hopeful, but scared to allow myself to actually be hopeful. Does that make sense? I thought...
Here we go again. Here is another thing for me to fail at. Here is another thing for me to waste my time and our money on. Here is another thing that will work for others, but not for me.
But... I had good reasons to fight through those thoughts to find the hope. And ultimately, it's those reasons that gave me the courage to have success. Because that's the true rub of it - sometimes success is plain scary. At least it is for me.
I lost 61lbs in around 9 months. When you add …

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