Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Beautiful Sabbath

Today was such a great day! First, the weather was gorgeous and sunny!! It just felt so good to have the sun warming my face. I need some vitamin D I think. I got to sleep in - thanks to Mike getting up with Willow!! He is so good to me! At 10 we were off to have our temple recommend interviews. I'm delighted to say we are headed to temple day with our stake on the 9th, oh it feels so good! Mike was also given a new calling of first counselor in the Young Men’s presidency. I'm excited for him to have that opportunity again. He is so good with the boys and has a great time. Congrats Mike! I also had a great lesson with my primary class. We talked about the fact that Heavenly Father is watching over us. These kids are so incredibly smart, wow! They really just blow me away. It was a great day, and I'm grateful for the spirit I've felt and the peace I have!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Step Left

As I sat down to write this post, I let out a huge sigh. Sometimes that is really good, ya know? Just let all the bad energy and yuckiness within out! Well, I had a slight gain at WW last night, but on my scale, I was down, so I didn't really care. This morning I had a yucky dream and woke up with yucky feelings (get the point, lots of yuckiness!!!). I hate that! So I was instantly not in the best mood. I got up and as I prepared to get on the scale, I just knew I wasn't going to be happy with what I saw. And I was right! Yuck! So then I was doubly grumpy as I got in the shower. No, I didn't fall, but you thought it was coming! :) Anyway, as I stood in the shower I thought, you know, I could let this ruin my entire day. I could be grumpy, which would mean I would be rude to all I meet. I could feel bad about myself, my efforts, and let it push me into a binge day. Which would push me into a binge weekend. Which would push me into a binge probably for at least 1/2 of next week. Or.... I could not. I could change my day because I choose to change my day. I can choose to say oh well, I'm going to try harder today, tomorrow, and the next day. I can focus on the reasons I'm doing this in the first place, focus on what my Heavenly Father would want me to do. And I'm happy to say that's the choice I made. :) I had a great Scripture study this morning, some quality time with Willow, and am going to have a great day at work. It's so easy to just re-act to whatever happens to us. We think we have no control, and sometimes, I think it's easier to truly believe that. But that just ain't the truth folks. We DO have control, we DO have power, we just have to choose to use it for the better in our lives, and the lives around us. I took a communication course just after high school and one thing I learned was the principle of stepping left. As I was saying, so often we re-act to people, things, and circumstances. We do this without thinking, it's natural almost, it's like stepping with your right foot if you are right handed. But we have to think, we have to ACT, we have to consciously make efforts to make another choice. We have to Step Left. Make a different choice, when we do we are so much happier, kinder, and at peace. I challenge you to Step Left, and make a different choice the next time you are tempted to re-act.

Have a FABULOUS day, I'm going to!!! Love to you all!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Most amazing...

Have I mentioned that I have the most amazing husband?! Well, I do. Sorry ladies, but I took the best. He is so good to me, and takes such good care of me, I just had to publically let everyone know. He's got it all! The manliness of car knowledge, motorcycles, sports, tools, lifting heavy things, etc. He also has serious skills in the kitchen (baking, and making killer dinners), crocheting, and other such things. He is thoughtful and kind, serious, and funny. He makes me laugh, and helps me deal with my craziness. I love him dearly, and just had to let him know, he's everything to me! I love you Mike!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Food, Recipes, & More

You may have noticed the button on the side of my blog titled Food, Recipes, & More. I hope you'll check it out. I have found lots of great different kinds of food products, nutrition supplements, recipes, etc. that I would love to share with you. That is where I will post reviews about different things I come across. I just posted one this morning on one of my favorite recipe books and shared these two delicious recipes. Check it out and give them a try!!! If you want it in a Word document so it's easier to print, just let me know. :) Enjoy!!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Into the details

So this week I have three things I am focusing on to get me back in the game.

1. Tracking: Track every bite! I've been using the Weight Watcher Online Tools but I'm switching it up to their little paper tracker.

2. Measure: I'm measuring all my food! I have found this really make a difference. When you guesstimate how much you are eating, you usually end up eating a LOT more calories. This is my electronic scale from WW. I love it, I can just do regular measurements, I can put in the nutrition facts on items and have it give me the exact amount of point, I can figure out recipe point values, and it also has lists of foods to go off of. It's awesome!! 

This is Willow helping me take my pictures tonight, can you believe how big she is getting???! Check out those ears, she could fly away, they are soo cute!! Love that dog!

3. No eating after 7pm: Nothing good can come of eating after 7pm. At that point it's pretty much eating from boredom or emotional eating.

And that's my focus this week! :)


Sunday, February 21, 2010

March begins today!

You may notice that my march design is up a week early. That is because I'm letting go of February now. It has not been a good month for me, and I am finding that rather than trying, I'm living in the past and keep thinking of how bad the month has been. I did loose about 4.5lbs in the first couple of weeks, but then gained it back when I got sick. Well I'm letting it go. I'm moving forward into March and a new month. I've adjusted my monthly weight loss goals to compensate and I'm still planning to meet my 100lbs lost goal. March just got a little longer. :) Thanks to those that commented on my last post, it really helps to know I"m not alone! If you haven't had a chance to post, I hope you still will! I'm off to plan a primary lesson and get ready for church! Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

What are your goals?

Please! I'm needing some inspiration and to know I'm not the only one out there. I'm still struggling to get my head in the game. I can do it for most the day... then I just don't keep it up and eat too much. What are you working on and how are you staying motivated? Help!!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Warning, long post!! (But hopefully worth reading)

So as I had mentioned, I've been in a funk. Being so tired from being sick does not help in the desire to cook! So last night we gave in again and went to Apollo burger, oh Apollo burger!! Yum! And I was NOT good. Anyway, I had a few fries left over. And this morning I kept thinking, "Oh, those would be so good... with lots of melted cheese on top... with fry sauce... no Sam, don't give in, be healthy... but grease and cheese and sauce (I'm a sucker for sauces)... but... no... ahhhh... uhg... oh whatever... and I ate them - with the cheese AND the sauce. I was in no way strong. :( And as I sat on the couch afterwards thinking, they weren't even that good, a thought came to me. That the food never tastes as good as the sense of control when you don't give in feels. And yet the food wins so often, stupid food! And yes, it was morning, like 9:30 or 10 when I ate it. So now of course my WHOLE day is ruined, and I have to weigh in tomorrow and blah blah blah.

Well as I sat there feeling sorry for myself, I realized that kind of thinking never got anyone anywhere. So I made a mistake, it happens. Get over it and move on I told myself. So I picked myself up off the couch and took Willow out back and ran around with her for 10 or 15 min. Good workout, holy crap is she fast! We did this couple more times throughout the day, probably got in 30-40 minutes total for the day. Then we came inside, I put my cleaning shorts on, plugged in my iPod, and got to work. I deep cleaned the kitchen (and oh-my did it need it!), and also did the living room and our bedroom. I will have to hit the bathrooms tomorrow. It feels AWESOME to have a clean house, and to feel accomplished. We had about four baskets full of laundry to be folded. I dumped them all in the living room and almost took a picture for you, it was comical. I hope I'm not the only one that does her laundry, but then we just pull it out of the basket as needed and only fold it about 1/4 of the time. I'm a lousy housekeeper. But the funny thing is that I LOVE when the house is clean. I think better, I eat better, I'm kinder, I feel good about myself, etc. It's so true that cleanliness is next to Godliness. The rest of my day went really well, and while I didn't track, I ate just fine. Mike made really tasty stuffed green peppers and rice, it was delicious!! Yum!

So while I was cleaning the kitchen, a song came on that really hit me. It is called Crazy by Alanis Morissette. I know you've heard it, it was on The Devil Wears Prada (love that show). Anyway... the main chorus line really made me think... "We're never going to survive unless we get a little crazy". I have set some monstrous goals for myself. And the only way I'm going to survive is to get a little crazy. I don't know, it was just really motivating at the time. One of those songs you can turn up really loud and dance around the house with your dog and feel good about life, ya know? :)

My friend, Carrie, sent me this awesome quote and I'd like to share it with you, it fits perfectly with the roller coaster I've been on the last couple of days.

Your body is Divine…

With 206 Sturdy bones,
More than 650 Dynamic Muscles,
12 perfectly Synchronized organ systems,

And over 10 trillion life giving human cells.

Your Body is Miraculous…
Every day your heart beats over 103,000 times,
Your respiratory system powers 25,920 breathes,
Your body produces a consistent 98.6 Degrees of heat,
And your body produces almost 200 billion new blood cells each day
And that is just the beginning…

Every day your mind, body, and spirit work together to give you the fortitude to fulfill family, church, work and community obligations. You take good care of everyone else; it is time to take care of you.

Make a promise to yourself-RIGHT NOW-that you will appreciate your body as the precious gift from God it was meant to be. SATAN is jealous of your physical body because he doesn’t have one-and he’ll continually try to seduce you to ABUSE, NEGLECT, and DESPISE YOURS!


I love it, thanks so much for sharing this Carrie! It's just the reminder I needed to get my butt moving again. I am not out of this fight. As I sat there today after eating the fries, I thought to myself, you know I could quit right now. Or, I could accept that I made a mistake and move forward. This won't be the last battle. And it probably won't be the last battle I lose either. But I only truly lose if I quit. If I keep going and keep sacrificing, and keep being obedient, and keep fighting, I will be able to stand at the end of the finish line and know that I have truly won!

My new favorite quote:
"Start calling yourself healed, happy, whole, blessed, and prosperous. Stop talking to God about how big your mountains are, and start talking to your mountains about how big your God is!" — Joel Osteen

Okay, well this post is huge, sorry, but I thought I would give you an update on my spiritual goals since I haven't talked about those in awhile. Book of Mormon by my birthday - it's coming along. I get to read at least a chapter just about every morning before work. I love it because the house is quiet (except for Willow of course who I have to throw her rope while I'm reading - sometimes that's tricky) and it's just me time. Temple March - December - well, the other part to this is that I needed to obtain my temple recommend by March. I'm delighted to say that this will be happening, and am SOOO excited to attend the temple again very soon. It's been way to long! Read Love & Respect - ummmm... okay, I've been slacking on this one. I'm about 1/2 through the first chapter. I'll start working on it. Have one family over for dinner - this hasn't worked out quite yet, but I will set something up for the first Sunday in March. Attend all my Sunday meetings - this has actually gone really well. I did miss the last two Sundays, but I was seriously sick. And that is my update. All in all, I’d say not too shabby.

Okay, I'll stop. If you have read all of this then you are a real trooper!! Love to all my friends, knowing you are there reading my wacky thoughts and cheering me on really gives me strength!! Thanks!!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Stuck! Blah!

This week I'm feeling very stuck. I have left my house three times in the last 7 days. Once to go to the doctor for myself. Once again to the doctor for Mike, who also has a nice sinus infection and to get my forehead checked out. My forehead broke out a couple of months ago, with just a few fun zits. But they wouldn't go away. Well over the last two weeks they have all of the sudden got much worse. On Wednesday they really started to flare and covered about a 2x2 area of my forehead (yes, I have a large forehead! :) ) to the point that it looked like one big red blob. Yuck! So I had the dr. look at it while we were there for Mike. The test results will come back next week. Until then they gave both of us antibiotics and sent us home. The good news is my little problem is not quite so red anymore and not so noticeable, the bad part, I can't put makeup on it. Uhg! And as for my last trip out, well it wouldn't be right if the last little member of our family wasn't sick too. Yep, we took Willow to the vet today as she threw up this morning and has not been acting her hyper self. Poor thing, they tested for Parvo, which gratefully she does not have that. Gave her some antibiotics as well and sent us on our way. Of the three of us, of course the vet was most expensive!

Anyway, all of this leads to me feeling very stuck. Stuck in the house, stuck in not being able to be at work, guilty about the added stress this puts on my coworkers, and stuck in my weight loss. My appetite has been very off and on again. So I don't eat at all and then I'm starving so I don't make wise choices. This has not been my best week of eating. And I'm not really up to cooking. Luckily I haven't really gained any weight, but am nervous about meeting my February goal.
Sorry this is not overly motivating, just needed to get it off my chest. We'll continue to rest this weekend (especially since we just spent out Valentine money on meds for Willow) Ha. Hopefully by Monday I'll be up to doing some cleaning, as that always makes things feel better, I'll go grocery shopping, and start again. I hope that all my friends out there are safe and healthy, and wish you a happy Valentine's day!!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

I hate being sick!!!

Well, not much to report as I've been sick and home for the last four days! Yuck! So my eating has truthfully gone down the tubes. But... I've blown my nose enough to counteract the volume! :) Seriously, that's the worst is my nose hurts sooo bad and  is all cracked and dry. Ouch! Okay, I'll stop whinning! Anyway... I hope you are having a great day and that everyone in your family is healthy!!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Update on things...

Well things are going very well I think! I'm down 15, which I'm thrilled about! I've been eating clean and staying within my points. I haven't been tracking as well as I should, and I know I will do even better if I keep doing that. I'm going to make a commitment to anyone reading this that I will track all my food eaten from today until next Thursday, it'll keep me honest! :) I have also started adding in some activity. Nothing serious yet, but I'm moving more. I've been running around the house everyday with Willow, which is actually quite the little workout when you’re overweight! :) Yesterday she and I went on two walks so that was fun. I'll keep adding more and more.

On Friday night we decided to order Pizza. Yum! Well usually we buy two medium pizza's, you know kinda like his and hers! And we usually get a order of hot wings, which I eat all of, usually in one sitting. (Yes, there is a reason I am the way I am, and I admit it) Then we eat one whole pizza, and the next day finish off the other one. Well this time, we bought one medium pizza and some breadsticks (which were actually not that great, don't buy Papa John's Parmesan breadsticks. They are basically their crust. That's it - I wasn't impressed). I made a salad and had two small breadsticks and two slices of pizza. The next day I only had one other piece of pizza. And Mike did really great too! He ate all of his salad!! :) So that was a big success for us! Woo Hoo!

Weigh in for Weight Watchers is tonight, and I'm excited to see how I did. I've got two awesome friends that I go with, which just makes it so much better! It's amazing how sometimes we have these unsaid prayers, and the good Lord just takes such good care of us. That is what happened with these two. I met them in our new ward and we have become fast friends. I'm grateful for their support and for the chance to cheer them on as well! Thank you ladies for all you do!

Well I'm home sick today, so I think I'll go lay down. I've got to go to work for one hour, hmmm.... I need to manage my PTO better!! Maybe I should put Natalie in charge of it! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So I got this for Christmas, and thought oh this looks nice and easy. Bahh hahahaha! Easy my eye. Anyway, after I finally figured out how to get it to say on, I did the upper body work out, only a 15 minute workout. Felt good after wards and went to bed. The next morning I wake up and what hurts? My hamstrings! Okay... I'm thinking something here isn't right! :) I'll have to give it another go. I'm really going to laugh if I do the leg set and my biceps hurt!