Stuck! Blah!

This week I'm feeling very stuck. I have left my house three times in the last 7 days. Once to go to the doctor for myself. Once again to the doctor for Mike, who also has a nice sinus infection and to get my forehead checked out. My forehead broke out a couple of months ago, with just a few fun zits. But they wouldn't go away. Well over the last two weeks they have all of the sudden got much worse. On Wednesday they really started to flare and covered about a 2x2 area of my forehead (yes, I have a large forehead! :) ) to the point that it looked like one big red blob. Yuck! So I had the dr. look at it while we were there for Mike. The test results will come back next week. Until then they gave both of us antibiotics and sent us home. The good news is my little problem is not quite so red anymore and not so noticeable, the bad part, I can't put makeup on it. Uhg! And as for my last trip out, well it wouldn't be right if the last little member of our family wasn't sick too. Yep, we took Willow to the vet today as she threw up this morning and has not been acting her hyper self. Poor thing, they tested for Parvo, which gratefully she does not have that. Gave her some antibiotics as well and sent us on our way. Of the three of us, of course the vet was most expensive!

Anyway, all of this leads to me feeling very stuck. Stuck in the house, stuck in not being able to be at work, guilty about the added stress this puts on my coworkers, and stuck in my weight loss. My appetite has been very off and on again. So I don't eat at all and then I'm starving so I don't make wise choices. This has not been my best week of eating. And I'm not really up to cooking. Luckily I haven't really gained any weight, but am nervous about meeting my February goal.
Sorry this is not overly motivating, just needed to get it off my chest. We'll continue to rest this weekend (especially since we just spent out Valentine money on meds for Willow) Ha. Hopefully by Monday I'll be up to doing some cleaning, as that always makes things feel better, I'll go grocery shopping, and start again. I hope that all my friends out there are safe and healthy, and wish you a happy Valentine's day!!!



Brett and Ali said…
I hate being sick! My kids have all been sick one after another since about the last week, everyone seems to be on the mend-knock on wood! Hope you and your clan all feel better soon.
I think your doing amazing! Hope you get feeling better soon!
Higbee said…
Always remain positive! What you focus on increases! :-)

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