Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's a Girl!!

I knew it all along. :) People have asked me if I cried at the ultra sound, I didn't because I knew in my heart for a long time it was a girl. I was just ready to have it confirmed. Mike finally admitted that all along he thought it was a girl too. We couldn't be happier!! It's been so fun to tell our family and friends. Almost 90% of everyone we talked to had thought it was a girl too.

We have a few names we are thinking about. Mike's favorite is Humberta. I really like Sparkle or Rainbow. :D Just kidding! We do like Emmaline, Bethany, Ana, and Emily. I like Emmaline best, but we haven't settled on anything yet. 

She is healthy and has a really strong heart beat. During the utlra-sound it was 159 beats per minute. This wasn't the full ultra-sound where they look at everything though, that is on January 2nd. I'm excited we get to see her again so soon and especially to have all her little parts looked at to make sure she is well. My favorite was seeing the profile of her little button nose. I can't wait to kiss it!!!

Things are going pretty well with my health. I am feeling better each day. I am still throwing up now and then, but not nearly as often. And the stomach aches are settling a little too - that is really nice! I did get the flu last week and that was a bummer for a couple of days. I've never had it as an adult - and hope I never do again. But I got over it pretty quickly for which I'm grateful. I'm going to have to get that flu shot soon. :( Unfortunately Mike came down with it on Christmas Eve and missed out on all the Christmas activities.

Funny story - I had just gotten out of the shower and had my towel around me. I was going downstairs to get some under clothes and all of the sudden I had to throw up (I hadn't eaten anything yet). So I ran to the our guest bathroom. Now the great thing about this bathroom is the tub is right by the toilet so usually if I need to go to the bathroom and throw up it's not an issue. But I started to throw up and all of the sudden I'm peeing myself. hahahaha Probably too much info, but it was so funny. Luckily I was still naked, so I just stepped in the shower when I was done and then cleaned up the floor. The whole time cracking up at myself. Oh the joys!

The last couple of days I've been feeling very full in my lower tummy. I haven't felt the baby move. But this definitely feels like all of the sudden there is something in there. I'm excited to actually feel her move!

I don't know how it feels for most women as they gain weight while pregnant, but I kind of expected to be panicked to see the scale go up. But it really hasn't bothered me at all. I do think a lot about after she comes and about the time (I know I have to wait for a while and can't start right away) when I can start working on getting fit again. I'm feeling very motivated to do that. I want to be an active mommy that eats well and teaches her to have a good relationship with food. I want to swim and jog and hike and bike and with her, and to live life to the fullest. I have this rosy picture in my head of what 2010 was kind of like. Not just that I was losing weight - although that was nice. It was more than that - I felt alive. I loved the way I felt in my body. I'm ready to feel that way again. I haven't been great about exercising while pregnant - partly due to being so sick. I think if I start that again - lightly - it will really help me feel better and have more energy. So in January I think I'm going to start walking, swimming, and doing my 10 min videos. It feels good to have a goal again. :D

We left the ultra-sound pictures in Price, but as soon as I get them back I will post some! Until then - I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed their family time!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Come what may.... and we will love it!

Today we go to have our next appointment with the research study and they will do an ultra sound. As of yesterday I am 18 weeks along, and we are hoping that they will be able to tell us the sex. We thought that would be the perfect Christmas present! We were going to wait until Christmas to tell the family, but decided that we can't wait! 

I have felt from the beginning that we would have a girl. Even through all the different times we thought maybe we were pregnant (before peeing on a stick to confirm we weren't) I always thought it would be a be a girl. Pretty much everyone we have talked with about this - feels it's a girl. And my dad is absolutely adamant that it's a girl. All that Mike will say - twins. Haha. As we have seen the heartbeat twice already I feel pretty confident that there is only one heartbeat. :) 

People always ask if I have a preference. And the honest truth - I don't. While I do feel like and think it's a girl, the truth is I am just so thrilled with the fact that we are having a baby that we will love whoever this little person is -- boy or girl. I can't wait to hold and love this little person. To teach it all we know, and hopefully learn a lot together along the way. Come what may - there will be lots of love in this home!