Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Today has been such a beautiful day. The kind of day that every Easter should be like. The sun is shinning and sharing it's warmth! There is a light Spring breeze, the birds are chirping, and the daffodil's and tulips are starting to bloom. It is GORGEOUS outside! And while we did wake up to a small basket of goodies from the Easter bunny this morning, that is not what made today sweet.

What made it so sweet, beautiful, and light is the Spirit that I felt as I prayed this morning to thank my Father in heaven for the MANY blessings in my life. For such a loving, kind, and thoughtful husband that each day teaches me to be a better person! And as I wrapped my arms around my tummy and our baby - to be able to say thank you for this precious gift. 

Also it was so sweet for the beautiful services presented today in church. For the beautiful music and talks that were given today in church. There was a gorgeous duet played on the piano and cello in Sacrament. And three of my good friends, Melissa, Tami, & Jennette sang a capella song about Christ that was simple and melodic. And just beautiful and touching. For the testimonies of our Savior's love for us, and for his ultimate sacrifice that makes it possible for us to not only be free from sin and sorrow - but to live again with Him some day.

I couldn't let this day go by without bearing my own simple testimony that he lives. He knows us, he loves us, and he is with us always! I love Him and will spend my life saying thank you for all the gifts he has given! 

Happy Easter to my family and friends! I love you!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Capturing the moment

I've posted so much about the "pains" of pregnancy that I wanted to post some positive too. And I think this is one of the most important things I've discovered! 

I posted a question about doing pregnancy pictures and if I should do them now at 31 weeks or wait until I'm bigger on FB. I was having a hard time deciding. I think I've decided to wait maybe 3 or 4 weeks more. Then hopefully the bloom will be not just in my belly - but in Spring too! :)

It does bring up an interesting thought for me though. I know that these kinds of pics aren't for everyone, and that's fine. In fact this is something I've really learned over the last 6 months. No matter what the topic - when it comes to pregnancy, birthing, child care, etc - people will ALWAYS have a different opinions. Anyway, as for the pictures, let me be clear - I'm talking like couples photos of Mike and myself. Maybe a few focusing on the tummy. But all clothed. :) No bare tummy shots. I told my brother - who is going to take them for me - I just wanted tasteful, simple, and sweet pics. 

A couple of people didn't feel like they would want pictures of themselves like this. And I can definitely understand that. I mean right now my face is broken out like a teenager's in puberty. My stretch marks look like I was attacked by a mountain lion (hence the no bare tummy pics)! My feet are so swollen my ankles almost don't want to bend,  and I am in desperate need of a hair cut!

But even with all that - I can honestly say this is one time in my life that I feel truly beautiful. I love my body so much for allowing this precious experience. I have waited for these moments - even the stressful and painful ones - for six and 1/2 years. After so many times of wondering if it would be able to carry a child - I finally know. And that brings nothing but appreciation and gratitude. I don't want that to go by without taking a moment to appreciate this gift that has been given me. 

And so I'm going to take these pics. And I'm sure I won't care for all of them. But I also hope to capture the true joy and delight that I feel not just for Emma, but for my body in making it possible for her to come to our family. And for God - who gave us these miraculous bodies in the first place!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Ode to Pee...

If you don't like potty talk - stop reading. :D

All this talk about women always needing to go to the bathroom - well here is the thing about it - IT'S TRUE!!!!! Here is what I've learned about the bladder during my pregancy. SO much I never knew! The bladder is so versatile!

When you aren't pregnant you drink water and several hours later you go to the bathroom. And you typically pee the same amount each time (well - I did anyway). But when you are pregnant you drink some water and in about 10-30 minutes you have to pee. And each time it feels like you haven't peed in HOURS and MUST go RIGHT now!

But the exciting part is that you never know how much you're gonna get. Sometimes it's only three drops. And sometimes you wonder if it's ever gonna stop. The other fun and exciting thing I've discovered is that when the baby is sitting on the bladder - it takes longer to pee. Like it has to go around her (or under - as the case may be - not really sure).

And even if I hardly drink anything before bed or during the night - I always have to get up and go at least 3 times. Sometimes up to 5! Haha - I figure that's just good practice for getting up once she is here. But it does leave me with a question. When you have a crying baby - and you have to pee - which comes first? Feed and change the baby or take a min to use the facility? I guess I'll figure that out! ;)

When you go swimming and are getting out of the water - make sure you are holding your bathroom muscles tight, because if not - when the baby hits your bladder there is a good chance you will start peeing uncontrollably! Haha Yes - this really happened!

And if you are going to stand up after sitting for any period of time (5 min or more), it's safe to assume you'll need to use the restroom! Now!

If you go to the store Motherhood - they have their own bathroom in the back for customers to use. This is very helpful knowledge!

As I always taught my young women at camp - you should always be able to say "I pee clear" loud and proud! The same thing goes for when you are pregnant. If your pee is too dark you aren't drinking enough. Baby needs more water!

And this is what I've learned. This post brought to you by my over-active bladder!! Have a nice day!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3rd Trimester - starting off with a bang!

Well things have been pretty interesting and exciting around here! Things were going so great! I had some energy, was able to do some swimming, walking. We have started getting the nursery room cleaned out so we can start setting things up. I was so excited to have President's day off - I had a lot planned! I was going to have it all emptied out so we could set up the crib - that feels like a big step. :) On Saturday that weekend I went shopping with my mom and a friend and found a few fun things. Some cute shelves, a darling little lamp that will be perfect for when we are doing late night feedings. I can't wait to get it all set up!!! Anyway, I didn't get a chance to though - because Sunday morning I came down with a cold. And spent all day Sunday and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday in bed. :( Yuck!

I have been having heart palpitations over the last month or so. They don't seem to concerning, just a little uncomfortable. I've mentioned them to my Dr, and they didn't have much to say about it. On Wednesday I was just laying down to take a nap when I noticed I was out breath. Mike had just left and I considered calling him back. But I just breathed through it and fell asleep. The next morning around 9am I was sitting on my couch working on my laptop - not doing anything stressful or strenuous when all of the sudden I was breathing as if I had just run up a flight of stairs. It was like I couldn't get enough air in. I logged off of work and layed down to see if I just need to rest. But after about 20 min, I decided something was really going on and called the midwives I'm working with. At this point I was starting to get scared and a bit emotional. I called Mike - poor guy. By the time he got on the phone I was crying and could barley speak. I told him I was afraid and didn't know what to do. haha, poor guy. He told me he would be home right away - and it seems like he was home 5 min later. He told me our car goes pretty fast. :D 

Finally the midwife called back and after going through everything with her, she told me it would be best if we went to the ER. They aren't set up for the kinds of tests I would need. She said she could hear how out of breath I was just talking to me on the phone. And it was best to go in. We stopped at my dad's house so Mike and dad could give me a blessing, and then we went to the ER. 

They were great and got me right in. I was very impressed with the Drs and nurses, we didn't really do a lot of waiting until after the tests had been run and we had to wait for results. They did an x-ray of my chest, an EKG, and some blood tests for blood clots. They all came back just fine. They also did an ultrasound of my heart, but he said beside the fact that it was beating so fast, it was okay too. The whole time we were there my heart rate was about 130. A normal resting heart rate for me would be between 70-80. As they had ruled out anything that could be causing immeadiate danger, they sent me home with a med to steady my heart rate.

This was fine, except that the drug seemed to make Emma move less. Obviously this caused me quite a bit of concern. But the following week we had a visit with a heart dr and he assured us this is all actually fairly normal and not to worry. Emma's movements have picked up again, which makes me very happy. She has started not only kicking, but moving elbows and knees across my tummy. It really tickles when she does this. haha So other than being extra tired, and having to move slow - it doesn't seem there is any other consequence. He even told me I could exercise, which makes me happy. I'm sick of sitting around doing nothing.

Anyway, that has been our latest adventure. Oh and also I had to do a 3rd 3 hour test - YUCK! I hate those stupid tests. Anyway, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Now I am tracking my blood sugars four times a day and watching what I'm eating carefully. Really - there is nothing but good there I guess - since I need to do that anyway. I'm staying positive and don't plan to let this cause any difficulties with Emma, her birth, or myself. 

My tummy seems to really have popped out in the last few weeks. I kind of enjoy that. :) Even with all the yucky that has come with being pregnant, I have still really loved it. I love feeling her move inside me. I love knowing that soon there will be a little wiggle wart for us to love, hold, teach, and learn from. I can't wait to meet this little girl. I can't wait to be a mom on the outside, and not just on the inside.