Monday, June 25, 2012

Going Crazy....

Well things here in my world are good! I just got home from Girls Camp with our ward and we had a delightful time! Everything went really smoothly, the girls all got along great and had a ton of fun, and we ate like queens! Most especially the spirit was bountiful and I think all were touched at some point. It was a great camp. It's always bitter sweet coming home. Part of you is dying for a shower, bed, and to veg. And the other part of you never wants it to end - even though it always does.

Lots of changes going on in my life right now - just the way I like it. :) I don't know why I love change so much! I should probably examine that someday - but not today. I changed positions at work and I am loving my new job. I am now in the Registrar office. It will take about 6 months for me to get fully trained, there are a lot of little details to learn. I get to work with a friend from a previous job - which I love! And I am no longer on the phones. Woo hoo! Also, I get to choose my own schedule, that is lovely - considering it seems changes each week depending on what we are doing in YW. Also, I've been working  from home - and now I am working in the office. This is a big change, and I'm adjusting as best I can.

Things in the eating realm are still pretty good. I stopped counting how many days I was binge free. I have gone up and down a little, but still better than it's been in years. We've been juicing and making smoothies a lot, and that is fun. My whole family has gotten in to it (my parents and brothers). It's fun to have that in common and to see all of us trying to be healthier. Mike and I are going to do a juice fast, so that should be interesting. Right now we are just working on making small changes to better what we eat. Last week we cut out sugar and fast food. This week we are increasing our veggie/fruit intake. We are also juicing/smoothies/whole fruits & veggies for two meals a day. Today is the first day of that and it's going well. I have a slight headache, but they say that is normal and will pass. Trying to tough it out. :D Looking forward to steak and broccoli tonight!