Sunday, February 3, 2013

2nd Trimester

We have decided on a name. We are going to name our daughter Emmaline. We call her Emma. I am in love with this name - and in love with her already! Mike was a little hesitant to commit to a name - not because he doesn't like it, but because he worried when she came she wouldn't fit the name. I've promised if that's the case we will change it. :) Then one day out of the blue he said - "I've been thinking about Emmaline - and I think that's the one". Big smiles!!!

So far I like this trimester MUCH more!! I am finally feeling healthy and human again. I do get tired - but I can totally deal with that. I haven't thrown up in weeks and don't get nauseous anymore. It was still about a month into the 2nd trimester before all that left - but now all I think is good riddance!! :) 

A couple of weeks ago I went through a about a week and a half of... growing pains? That's kind of what they felt like. Basically the lower part of my belly and my inner thighs, and (TMI ALERT) my lady muscles felt like I had been working out really hard. I felt muscles I didn't even know I had!!!! They were just super sore. But I didn't mind so much - just kind of reminds me - in a more pleasant way then throwing up - that I'm pregnant. Luckily they went away and now I feel pretty good. 

My stretch marks are growing and multiplying - I know this because I count them. hahaha Not that they bother me - they are like battle wounds! My Midwife thought it was pretty funny when I told her I count them. I have been putting coconut oil on them and they feel fine and don't bother me except itching a little every now and then. 

My absolute favorite part about this trimester is starting to feel the stirrings of life within me. What an amazing and kind of weird feeling! It started out just like they said it would - a fluttering that kind of feels like butterflies. Slowly they got a bit stronger and now I feel her kicks and hits pretty good every day. I've only seen my stomach move with them a couple of times - makes me jump every time. :) I felt one to the back the other day - that was such a strange sensation! Her most favorite though? Is to tap dance on my cervix.  Or maybe she is using it as a punching bag. Either way - that one is very distracting and uncomfortable - so needless to say it's her favorite! :D I think she is going to be very independent and stubborn! Because when she is kicking - if anyone touches my stomach she stops immediately. She kicked me and made my stomach move for the first time last Sunday. And I had Mike come over to see if it would happen again. It's only natural to want to touch, so he put his hand on my tummy where I showed him I'd seen/felt it. Well she wouldn't budge after that! haha Poor Mike!!

I mentioned a couple posts ago that I had to take a 1 hour glucose test. Well I took it and it did come back high. :( So I have to take the 3 hour test on Monday. I'm really hoping it comes back okay. But it will be good to know either way so we can manage it if I do have gestational diabetes. This week I've been trying to be a lot better about my eating. Feeling better I think has given me the energy to actually do that. So I made a menu for every meal and snack. I've stuck to it mostly and feel pretty good about things. I've also started walking and swimming, which I think will help.

I've had to put my rings away, they were getting so tight! One of them is a cut out that says I am a Child of God. When I would take it off at night you could read it on my finger. So no more rings. :)

My mom and I went through boxes this week to find some of my baby dresses that I wore. My mom is a very talented seamstress and she made many outfits with smocking. She washed them up and we hung them in the closet yesterday. Oh they are sooooo cute!!! I can't wait to put Emma in them! Yesterday we went and picked out fabric for a blessing dress that she is going to make. It will be so cute - I can't WAIT to see it! Here are some of the dresses she made for me when I was a baby (the pictures don't do them justice, they were taken with my cell. I'll have to have mike take some better ones): 

This last one is a pinafore that used to go over a pretty blue dress. We don't have the dress anymore, but are going to make something to go with it. Also - this one is quite a bit bigger than the others so it will be a while before she'll wear it. Love them! 

Also - my friend Liana and I went and picked out the fabric for the crib. I sent it to my sister in law and being the amazing quilter that she is - it's already done!! As soon as I get it I'll post some pictures. Now I just need to make the bumper cover and skirt that will match and get some sheets. Fun fun!!! Here is a picture of the nursery that will be very similar to what we are going to do in case you couldn't get the link to work before. 

Well - I'm going to take my Sunday nap. Until next time! :)