Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Ode to Pee...

If you don't like potty talk - stop reading. :D

All this talk about women always needing to go to the bathroom - well here is the thing about it - IT'S TRUE!!!!! Here is what I've learned about the bladder during my pregancy. SO much I never knew! The bladder is so versatile!

When you aren't pregnant you drink water and several hours later you go to the bathroom. And you typically pee the same amount each time (well - I did anyway). But when you are pregnant you drink some water and in about 10-30 minutes you have to pee. And each time it feels like you haven't peed in HOURS and MUST go RIGHT now!

But the exciting part is that you never know how much you're gonna get. Sometimes it's only three drops. And sometimes you wonder if it's ever gonna stop. The other fun and exciting thing I've discovered is that when the baby is sitting on the bladder - it takes longer to pee. Like it has to go around her (or under - as the case may be - not really sure).

And even if I hardly drink anything before bed or during the night - I always have to get up and go at least 3 times. Sometimes up to 5! Haha - I figure that's just good practice for getting up once she is here. But it does leave me with a question. When you have a crying baby - and you have to pee - which comes first? Feed and change the baby or take a min to use the facility? I guess I'll figure that out! ;)

When you go swimming and are getting out of the water - make sure you are holding your bathroom muscles tight, because if not - when the baby hits your bladder there is a good chance you will start peeing uncontrollably! Haha Yes - this really happened!

And if you are going to stand up after sitting for any period of time (5 min or more), it's safe to assume you'll need to use the restroom! Now!

If you go to the store Motherhood - they have their own bathroom in the back for customers to use. This is very helpful knowledge!

As I always taught my young women at camp - you should always be able to say "I pee clear" loud and proud! The same thing goes for when you are pregnant. If your pee is too dark you aren't drinking enough. Baby needs more water!

And this is what I've learned. This post brought to you by my over-active bladder!! Have a nice day!


Tami's Eclectic Corner said...

And never, ever jump on a trampoline while pregnant! Oh and ALWAYS pee first! Always. She'll survive a few more seconds of crying. You'll pee your pants otherwise. Trust me!

Razzle Dazzle Berry said...

in regards to your pee question...go to the bathroom first or you will have to change your clothes too before you go get the baby :) haha -Becca