Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Today has been such a beautiful day. The kind of day that every Easter should be like. The sun is shinning and sharing it's warmth! There is a light Spring breeze, the birds are chirping, and the daffodil's and tulips are starting to bloom. It is GORGEOUS outside! And while we did wake up to a small basket of goodies from the Easter bunny this morning, that is not what made today sweet.

What made it so sweet, beautiful, and light is the Spirit that I felt as I prayed this morning to thank my Father in heaven for the MANY blessings in my life. For such a loving, kind, and thoughtful husband that each day teaches me to be a better person! And as I wrapped my arms around my tummy and our baby - to be able to say thank you for this precious gift. 

Also it was so sweet for the beautiful services presented today in church. For the beautiful music and talks that were given today in church. There was a gorgeous duet played on the piano and cello in Sacrament. And three of my good friends, Melissa, Tami, & Jennette sang a capella song about Christ that was simple and melodic. And just beautiful and touching. For the testimonies of our Savior's love for us, and for his ultimate sacrifice that makes it possible for us to not only be free from sin and sorrow - but to live again with Him some day.

I couldn't let this day go by without bearing my own simple testimony that he lives. He knows us, he loves us, and he is with us always! I love Him and will spend my life saying thank you for all the gifts he has given! 

Happy Easter to my family and friends! I love you!

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