Thursday, December 20, 2012

Come what may.... and we will love it!

Today we go to have our next appointment with the research study and they will do an ultra sound. As of yesterday I am 18 weeks along, and we are hoping that they will be able to tell us the sex. We thought that would be the perfect Christmas present! We were going to wait until Christmas to tell the family, but decided that we can't wait! 

I have felt from the beginning that we would have a girl. Even through all the different times we thought maybe we were pregnant (before peeing on a stick to confirm we weren't) I always thought it would be a be a girl. Pretty much everyone we have talked with about this - feels it's a girl. And my dad is absolutely adamant that it's a girl. All that Mike will say - twins. Haha. As we have seen the heartbeat twice already I feel pretty confident that there is only one heartbeat. :) 

People always ask if I have a preference. And the honest truth - I don't. While I do feel like and think it's a girl, the truth is I am just so thrilled with the fact that we are having a baby that we will love whoever this little person is -- boy or girl. I can't wait to hold and love this little person. To teach it all we know, and hopefully learn a lot together along the way. Come what may - there will be lots of love in this home!

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Annie said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Hope you got to find out the gender today. :)