Into the details

So this week I have three things I am focusing on to get me back in the game.

1. Tracking: Track every bite! I've been using the Weight Watcher Online Tools but I'm switching it up to their little paper tracker.

2. Measure: I'm measuring all my food! I have found this really make a difference. When you guesstimate how much you are eating, you usually end up eating a LOT more calories. This is my electronic scale from WW. I love it, I can just do regular measurements, I can put in the nutrition facts on items and have it give me the exact amount of point, I can figure out recipe point values, and it also has lists of foods to go off of. It's awesome!! 

This is Willow helping me take my pictures tonight, can you believe how big she is getting???! Check out those ears, she could fly away, they are soo cute!! Love that dog!

3. No eating after 7pm: Nothing good can come of eating after 7pm. At that point it's pretty much eating from boredom or emotional eating.

And that's my focus this week! :)



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