Step Left

As I sat down to write this post, I let out a huge sigh. Sometimes that is really good, ya know? Just let all the bad energy and yuckiness within out! Well, I had a slight gain at WW last night, but on my scale, I was down, so I didn't really care. This morning I had a yucky dream and woke up with yucky feelings (get the point, lots of yuckiness!!!). I hate that! So I was instantly not in the best mood. I got up and as I prepared to get on the scale, I just knew I wasn't going to be happy with what I saw. And I was right! Yuck! So then I was doubly grumpy as I got in the shower. No, I didn't fall, but you thought it was coming! :) Anyway, as I stood in the shower I thought, you know, I could let this ruin my entire day. I could be grumpy, which would mean I would be rude to all I meet. I could feel bad about myself, my efforts, and let it push me into a binge day. Which would push me into a binge weekend. Which would push me into a binge probably for at least 1/2 of next week. Or.... I could not. I could change my day because I choose to change my day. I can choose to say oh well, I'm going to try harder today, tomorrow, and the next day. I can focus on the reasons I'm doing this in the first place, focus on what my Heavenly Father would want me to do. And I'm happy to say that's the choice I made. :) I had a great Scripture study this morning, some quality time with Willow, and am going to have a great day at work. It's so easy to just re-act to whatever happens to us. We think we have no control, and sometimes, I think it's easier to truly believe that. But that just ain't the truth folks. We DO have control, we DO have power, we just have to choose to use it for the better in our lives, and the lives around us. I took a communication course just after high school and one thing I learned was the principle of stepping left. As I was saying, so often we re-act to people, things, and circumstances. We do this without thinking, it's natural almost, it's like stepping with your right foot if you are right handed. But we have to think, we have to ACT, we have to consciously make efforts to make another choice. We have to Step Left. Make a different choice, when we do we are so much happier, kinder, and at peace. I challenge you to Step Left, and make a different choice the next time you are tempted to re-act.

Have a FABULOUS day, I'm going to!!! Love to you all!



Robin Merriman said…
I am having a fabulous day because I am Stepping Left of the pile that was placed in front of me this week!
I am making the decision to put it behind me (where it belongs!) and move forward to positivity! I'm in the studio creating today and loving every minute of it!
Thanks Sam! You rock!
Dawn Rapsas said…
You KNOW I believe in YOU!! You also know that it is time to get "heads down" and make your goal a reality. Never give up and never let anything stand between and what you really know you want and deserve...unless of course you are not sure of what it is you really want...hmmm. Sometimes we are are afraid of the thing we want the most. Do not let that fear derail you my friend. I believe in YOU and now it's time for you to get REAL about your goal and make it happen!! It's all YOU...

Love you lots and lots my friend!!
reminds me of the quote that life is 5 % what happpens to us and 90 % how we react to it. It can be hard at times but soooo true. Just keep going, it will get easier after it gets harder. That is how life is. :)
Amanda Coughlin said…
Ahh...what a breath of fresh air this post was! I know you inspire me but WOW! this last post sure hit the nail on the head for me! I'm going to join you in the quest to lose 100 lbs!! We can do it, friend! Thanks for sharing YOU!

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