Update on things...

Well things are going very well I think! I'm down 15, which I'm thrilled about! I've been eating clean and staying within my points. I haven't been tracking as well as I should, and I know I will do even better if I keep doing that. I'm going to make a commitment to anyone reading this that I will track all my food eaten from today until next Thursday, it'll keep me honest! :) I have also started adding in some activity. Nothing serious yet, but I'm moving more. I've been running around the house everyday with Willow, which is actually quite the little workout when you’re overweight! :) Yesterday she and I went on two walks so that was fun. I'll keep adding more and more.

On Friday night we decided to order Pizza. Yum! Well usually we buy two medium pizza's, you know kinda like his and hers! And we usually get a order of hot wings, which I eat all of, usually in one sitting. (Yes, there is a reason I am the way I am, and I admit it) Then we eat one whole pizza, and the next day finish off the other one. Well this time, we bought one medium pizza and some breadsticks (which were actually not that great, don't buy Papa John's Parmesan breadsticks. They are basically their crust. That's it - I wasn't impressed). I made a salad and had two small breadsticks and two slices of pizza. The next day I only had one other piece of pizza. And Mike did really great too! He ate all of his salad!! :) So that was a big success for us! Woo Hoo!

Weigh in for Weight Watchers is tonight, and I'm excited to see how I did. I've got two awesome friends that I go with, which just makes it so much better! It's amazing how sometimes we have these unsaid prayers, and the good Lord just takes such good care of us. That is what happened with these two. I met them in our new ward and we have become fast friends. I'm grateful for their support and for the chance to cheer them on as well! Thank you ladies for all you do!

Well I'm home sick today, so I think I'll go lay down. I've got to go to work for one hour, hmmm.... I need to manage my PTO better!! Maybe I should put Natalie in charge of it! :)


Nat said…
You might want to be careful what you wish for my friend! LOL
Pistolmom said…
Great job Sam!!! I'm working with a personal trainer to get my weight down too. It's a challenge, but I'm hoping to feel better, look better, and be the total bomb for myself!!! Keep It Up Sista :) Jen Groves

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