March begins today!

You may notice that my march design is up a week early. That is because I'm letting go of February now. It has not been a good month for me, and I am finding that rather than trying, I'm living in the past and keep thinking of how bad the month has been. I did loose about 4.5lbs in the first couple of weeks, but then gained it back when I got sick. Well I'm letting it go. I'm moving forward into March and a new month. I've adjusted my monthly weight loss goals to compensate and I'm still planning to meet my 100lbs lost goal. March just got a little longer. :) Thanks to those that commented on my last post, it really helps to know I"m not alone! If you haven't had a chance to post, I hope you still will! I'm off to plan a primary lesson and get ready for church! Thanks for stopping by!



I love the new look--it was refreshing! I was on your blog last night and couldn't bring myself to post since I was feeling beat too and that's not encouraging to you. Today I decided I would post so, I got back on. It was so nice to see and read your newer post. I wanted to post a suggestion (something I am just starting today, since I too feel I am failing in my goals). Today I will only make goals for today. And, tomorrow will have its own set of goals. I feel like each day is different so my goals should be different each day too. I will have my ultimate goals close in mind when I set each day's goals, but no more beating myself up and getting frustrated to the point that I give up on myself! Just thought I'd share that. Love ya, Sam!
Higbee said…
What you focus on...increases! Hugs sweetie...

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