Most amazing...

Have I mentioned that I have the most amazing husband?! Well, I do. Sorry ladies, but I took the best. He is so good to me, and takes such good care of me, I just had to publically let everyone know. He's got it all! The manliness of car knowledge, motorcycles, sports, tools, lifting heavy things, etc. He also has serious skills in the kitchen (baking, and making killer dinners), crocheting, and other such things. He is thoughtful and kind, serious, and funny. He makes me laugh, and helps me deal with my craziness. I love him dearly, and just had to let him know, he's everything to me! I love you Mike!



Amanda Coughlin said…
I will have to challenge you on "Who's got the best hubby!" :o) Mine's the bestest ever!! The truest gift GOD can give us is that of the unconditional love of a fabulous man. We can conquer anything with that! It's beautiful to see your appreciation of your guy oozing out of your post! Aren't we lucky? :o)

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