I hate being sick!!!

Well, not much to report as I've been sick and home for the last four days! Yuck! So my eating has truthfully gone down the tubes. But... I've blown my nose enough to counteract the volume! :) Seriously, that's the worst is my nose hurts sooo bad and  is all cracked and dry. Ouch! Okay, I'll stop whinning! Anyway... I hope you are having a great day and that everyone in your family is healthy!!



Deborah said…
Hey Sam! It stinks being sick. No fun at all. Be sure to drink lots of water. It'll help.

I was also thinking (this morning during my workout) well wishing more, that I had taken a full body "before" picture when I started my journey. I obviously didn't. I was wishing I had one that I could put up on my wall with a current one so I can see the difference. Keep me focused and gauge my progress.

Did you take one? If not do it now. The only ones I have are the ones about a month after starting (in Hawaii)and I had already lost over 10 pounds then.

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