What are your goals?

Please! I'm needing some inspiration and to know I'm not the only one out there. I'm still struggling to get my head in the game. I can do it for most the day... then I just don't keep it up and eat too much. What are you working on and how are you staying motivated? Help!!!



Goals?? What are those? Just kidding. The goal I MUST focus on right now is getting regular exercise for both my body and my spirit. I joined that gym and haven't gone yet because I've been so sick. Blah. But starting next week I've got to go! And I'm motivated after today to really start studying my scriptures again.

I can't think of everything I want to accomplish right now or I'd get so overwhelmed and quit.

So I just need to get into the habit of those 2 things and then I can move onto the next big thing.
Sarah said…
I make different levels of achievement for each goal - so it is easier to feel a little success. I need to see some progress.

So when I set a goal, there's a 70% level of achievement, a 100% level, and 130% level. For example, one of my goals is to have more focused temple attendance. The 70% is to attend 12x annually, the 100% goal is to attend 18x annually, and the 130% do the 100% goal plus 30 minutes of extraction work weekly.

Makes it possible to pace myself and keep my "head in the game" as you mentioned. Maybe your overall goal is tough to achieve but if you break it down into smaller goals it will help.

Just a thought. :) Or I could mind my own business....

Love ya gal.
Breath! Take a moment and let your inner critic quiet down so that you can move past it. Now, empty your mind...are you breathing?....Stretch your arms to the sky...breath...gently roll down to touch your toes...keep breathing...palms together at your heart...smile...now here is the hard part...breath....now go DO something!!
Works every time!
Brett and Ali said…
So I have a weight goal this year and every time I go to eat sugar, treats, etc...I just think that I want to loose it more than I want to eat junk. Now that I am in the habit, I rarely cheat. It will get easier! You are doing great. Oh, and I have non-food rewards when I hit certain benchmarks. (ie. new purse, earrings, massage, etc.) Good luck!
I LOVE what Dandelion Design wrote. I need to try this!
Higbee said…
Go get the book...365 tips to healthy thinking. It is written by Melanie Douglas (lds). You really need to get this book. The first tip will slap you in the face. It pretty much says that Satan is jealous of your body and will do everything in his power to destroy yours. This book has changed my way of thinking. Don't look in the past your can't change it, Don't worry about tomorrow because it can change...only worry about today that is the only day you have thoughts in. Don't spend your time in the past. Anyways you are doing great. Go check this book out of the library it is amazing!!!
Deborah said…
May sound silly, but I have my goal clothes out where I can see them. I have a little red dress, and most recently just bought a killer pair of jeans. I have done this since I started my journey. One size at a time. the dress and the jeans are my final goals.

I have to have the visual. I put them on when I have hit the next goal and it is kinda fun to see them getting loser and fit better each time.

I know, call me crazy!
Maxine Conrad said…
Ok after you have eaten a ton of junk, take a deep breath and say I AM BEAUTIFUL :)
Good job you know my sense of humor!
I of all people know how hard it is. Don't beat yourself up! Just keep going x Good Luck!
Robin Merriman said…
Well, I have a lot of goals actually, but I need to focus on getting my weight off and staying on track food wise. I plan to lose 20 lbs. before we leave for cruise. And another 10 by the end of 2010.
I never go into the studio anymore without my water, it helps keep me away from the chocolate. Really!

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