Monday, June 1, 2015


There is no magical way of eating that is going to make you thin. No matter how much you search online, no matter how many books you read, no matter how hard you pray - there is not some magical way of eating that is escaping you. Not that research, and books, and prayer can't help. They can. But in the end, if you want change, YOU have to change.

If you want change, YOU have to change!

I've always said that I love change, and it's true, I do. But I seem to hit a wall on every plan I start about 4 weeks in. I think it's because that is the point of real change. The honey moon is over. The excitement is starting to wear off. And the weight of real change is starting to weigh on me. Last week - I buckled under the weight. I stopped working out - granted I've been having trouble with my back. But I could have pushed it a little harder. I have been eating horribly. We've eaten out a lot. I've binged a lot. And, I feel it! I feel heavy again. I feel tired and exhausted and cranky. I am struggling to get up in the morning again. I'm struggling to feel motivated. I'm struggling.

I have the saying "I can do hard things" posted all over my house. I like having a constant reminder. I think we all go through times in our lives where something so important as "I can do hard things" gets lost in the shuffle of everything else we are trying to balance. Or we get stuck in the mud and crap that we are dealing with in our life, after all, don't we all have a little crap? We all need little reminders that we are strong. We all need a little push. Whether that comes in the form of a uplifting song, or a text from a loved one, or in a note to yourself that you can do hard things. I put them all over so that when I get stuck in the mud of every day - I can open my fridge and see it, and remember to pull myself out and not go for the easy choice.

If you want change, YOU have to change!

So here is the hard thing I'm going to do today. I'm going to pull on my big girl pants (literally - bahaha) and do something hard. I'm going to not do what's easy today. I am not going to quit today. I'm going to readjust as needed and continue on. I am going to find real change this time. Watch me. 

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