The Potty Dance

Isn't she cute!! I haven't been drinking my water all last week, and I started again today, and let me tell you.... I have been doing the dance all day long! Seriously, I feel like I've been living there!! And, I was on the phone with a demonstrator (not telling who!) and I had to go soooo bad! But... I was nice and didn't rush her off the phone! Have you ever peed your pants? I have. And in recent years. Funny stories there! Thanks to Carebear and Emery, I've got some great stories. Let's just say, if I get laughing really hard, I hope there is a bathroom around!



Quay said…
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Quay said…
Helllo! I too go to Kris's 6:00 meeting on Thrusdays. I have seeeeen you there!! Muahahahaha

And just for the record I am only funny on my blog, I am one of those old grouchy grandma's that hate people! *wink*

Happy weigh-in!! c-ya there!
I am learning were all the potties are around this town....not just because of me but my 3 year old in training :) good luck :) hehe
slccota said…
O-lleh! Oh I remember well...perhaps the best part of that was having Mikey sit in it after and drive the car home :)

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