One step forward, two steps back...

Well... I'm stuck. I'm bouncing around the same three pounds and it's driving me CRAZY!!! I have gone up and down between 244-247 for the last two weeks consistently!!! For the most part, I've been eating clean, following the food guidelines of WW, even getting some exercise! GRRRR! This weekend I'm afraid to say I did let it get to me and did not do very well with my eating. This weekend was funny, I had some small successes, and some not so good moments. Saturday I was home alone and thinking, hmmm.... what else can I eat (and I seriously mean that, earlier in the day I had a nice binge, yes I'm admiting it!). Then instead of doing that, I decided to get outside as the weather was so beautiful. I called up my friend Tami and we went for a walk. Thanks Tami! Anyway, I'm back on plan today and will keep trying. Tonight we are going to join the Kearns Rec Center, and start working out more regularly, so I know that will help. Plus, when I work out, I just feel better about myself. I keep thinking maybe it's time to change up the diet, but I know I have more to loose on WW. There is just something I am not seeing... WHAT is it?????!!! Do you ever just feel like being a three year and throwing myself on the floor and kicking and screaming, "You stupid fat, I DON'T like you!!!! GO AWAY!!!! You are NO LONGER WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ya know? Probably won't do that. Instead, I'll go work it out tonight at the gym. :) That is the mature thing to do, right? HA! Well, as always, onward and upward! Time for lunch!! :)



Higbee said…
The one thing I have learned is what you do this week will not show up till next week. that is why you are yo-yoing. Everyone expects and demands result NOW! So you eat bad 1 week and then you are good the next but the scale doesn't move so you go back to eating bad. Start over again. That is the same with Exercise. Your body doesn't know what you are doing to it and it takes a couple of weeks for it to go "Okay we are doing something here so I need to shed some stuff". Hang in there.
as you know I do the same thing with weight...I work-out and work-out and eat well and gain weight. I have learned to be patient. last summer i lost no weight for weeks and then lost 9 pounds overnight. Keep at it. Not everything works as easily as 'biggest looser.'
Higbee said…
The biggest loser is so motivating but at the same time we can't expect to lose that kind of weight. These people are on a 3000 calorie burn cycle a day. Plus their food is being watched. They are also not taking into account the muscle they gain. It is solely on body weight. So the fat is melting away like carzy but they don't take that into account. IT is frustrating and movtivating all at the same time.

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