Let's lighten up!

Wow, my last few posts have been so serious, let's lighten up! This week has been a wild ride, and honestly, my eating hasn't been the greatest. Okay, here is the confession, I had three Rancherito breakfast burittos in two days!! UHG... they are SOOO good and just called my name. With their gooey cheese, soft potatoes, salty ham..... mmmmm I want another one! And with the stress of everything, I totally gave in. Haha... of all the things, right? Well, there you have it. That's just one of those quirky things, I've been thinking about those lately. Some others? I love it when the blankets on the bed are all straight and smooth when I get into bed. I love change, even little ones. I changed to a Firefox browser at work, and love it. I love to change the colors on my computer programs, my desktop picture every month, and really, anything! If I could move once a year, I probably would. I think that's why I don't have problems setting goals, because they mean change. Now the actual accomplishing of those goals, that's something different. But I'm going to do it this time!!

I'm really excited, I've got a friend at work that is doing WW also and she is really motivated right now and offers me a LOT of inspiration. I asked her some questions and will feature her on my blog next week, watch for that!

Well, what a silly and strange post. :) Maybe it's because it's so late, and I'm loopy. I should go to bed. Night! (OH, guess what, this is my 50th post!! Not bad for three months of blogging!)

(I posted a recipe for Baked Mac & Cheese on my Food, Recipes, & More blog, go check it out, it was delicious!)



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