Do you do it too?

So yesterday I'm walking through the building at work, just walking ya know, headed out the door. And all of the sudden I realize, I've been talking to myself for the last five minutes or so. Out loud. Yep, having a full on conversation! Then I start to laugh at myself, because, funny, right? Then, I see someone, who see's me just randomly laughing, which of course - makes me laugh harder! Do you ever do this? I find I do it a LOT. There are three times in particular that I do this. One, in the bathroom. Yes, while I'm doing my business, I have a nice chat with myself about a mirade of topics. Sometimes it's a rant, sometimes it's a lament, and sometimes it's giddyness spilling out. The second place I do this, is in dressing rooms. Now, this one can be particularily embarressing, as there are ususally others in the dressing room and I forget - they can HEAR me! This kind of conversation is the sort of converstation you would probably have with a friend while shopping. Talking about does it fit? Does it make my butt look big, or is it just that my butt is big? Is it too long, too short, or sometimes berating myself for eating what ever it is I ate last that is bad and now making the outfit not fit. In the dressing room I have to REALLY focus on not talking out loud, and I don't succeed at that very often. I'm sure it's pretty entertaining to my neighbor in the next dressing room. :) And thirdly, I have converstations when trying to talk myself out of eating something. Now my bathroom, dressing room, and random chats, are more one sided chats where I just talk. But not the food one, this one I've got a full on converstation going on with two sides. Kind of like the little devil and little angel. It goes something like this (this is an actual conversation I had yesterday):

Devil: Mmmmm look at those yummy cupcakes, I should eat one.
Angel: No, no you really shouldn't. It's empty calories and we are being good today.
Devil: Yeah, but their tiny cupcakes, I bet it's not even that many points.
Angel: But we ate that cookie earlier, so we should not eat it.
Devil: BUT... it has pink icing!
Angel: NO
Devil: But we cou.....
Angel: NO
Devil: Are you sure, it looks awfully tas.....
Angel: NO
Devil: Fine (with arms folded and a pouty lip, I walk away)

I'd like to say the Angel wins most the time, but.... it's probably about even lately. I've got to get rid of the little devil, any suggestions? Anyway... as I was chatting with myself yesterday leaving work I thought this would make a funny post, so there you go. If you didn't already think (or know) that I'm crazy, now you do! :)



wow, i thought i was neurotic...just kidding, i talk to myself all the time-i've just learned to whisper, makes me appear like i'm humming to myself...hopefully... :)
Anonymous said…
Usually in the shower or in the bathroom when no one is home :)

I frequently do it in the car...then I realize the car next to me is taking notice....I simply grab my cell phone and hold it close to my mouth and act as though I am talking to someone on speaker phone...yup.

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