Plateau, oh how I dislike thee

Well, I've been on a plateau for the last week. I go up a 1lb, down two, up 1, down 1.5, up two, blah blah blah. I'm eating clean and doing what I should be. I haven't added in the exercise yet, and know that will help. We will be turning in our taxes on Saturday, and once we get those back we are going to join Kearns Rec Center. Until then, I'm going to try some at home stuff. I have this great bike that I never ride, and some great DVDs. I just need to do it. I'm in a good head space though, even though I'm plateuing, I'm not giving up. I know that one day all of the sudden I'll be down 5lbs, because that's just how it works.

Last night we made the YUMMIEST dinner! When I get a second I will post it on my Food, Recipes, & More section. It was a shrimp green curry Thai dish with rice. Oh my goodness!!! And it was decent on points too... watch for it, you'll want to try it!!

I am going to start sharing a inspirational quote each day. This in my new favorite:

Everything will be okay in the end, if everything isn't okay - it isn't the end. - Unknown!

Haha, love that quote!



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