Just a quick note, to let you know I lost!! Woo Hoo!! After my long venting post, I really got back on the band wagon and have lost 4lbs. :) Yeah! I've tested some yummy recipes and will be posting them on my Food, Recipes, & More blog, so watch for those. Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins, and 1 point brownies! Yum! Anyway, more importantly, I'm feeling much better mentally! Thank you for your support! Both to my blog stalkers (I know you're out there, because my numbers go up about 30 a day, I'm so glad you stopped by), and to those that leave comments for all the encouraging words! The journey continues! We joined the gym this weekend, so the exercise begins this week. Weeee! :D



congrats Sam! I hop to your blog every so often, but don't often comment. I'm proud of you! Feelin' inspired now that baby is out. Only 3 more weeks until I can hop on that bandwagon with you.;)

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