Count Thy Blessings, Name Them One-by-one (and a give-away!)

My heart is really full as I post this, my 100th post for my blog. At the beginning of this year, I was down trodden, I was heart broken, I was unhappy with myself and who I had become, and I hated my body. It was a curse, something I had to fight against and fight with. It was my soul against my body, and often - the body won. The appetites and passions won out over doing what was right or good. I was sick of "trying again" and again and again to lose weight. Not having success, gaining it back, you know the game. That is so painful, and it hurts so much!! And oh does Satan love that! He loves to magnify our mistakes, our excuses, our pain, our hurt. And for whatever reason, I let him.

And then, I watched Julie & Julia. I know it seems so trivial, but that is when I decided to do a blog. And as I started planning for that, I started mapping out my goals. I had no idea what would happen. I didn't know if I could achieve my goals, but I knew I couldn't just give up. I had no idea that I would meet so many wonderful people out there. People who were and are hurting, just as I have. People I could connect with, learn from, receive support from, and could be friends with.

What I truly did not expect was the strength that I receive from posting. This has allowed me to put my thoughts and feelings on paper (so to speak) and to really put it all out there. Through this I have learned so much about myself, about why I eat, about why I choose to be weak some times, and just how strong I can be. It has been healing me from the inside, that  which has been the cause of all the overeating, binging, stuffing my feelings, and pain. Sometimes it's easy to compare my speed of weight loss to others and think, if only... If only I had done more, ate less... yada yada yada. However I really and truly feel happy with my success. I've lost just over 30lbs physically. But there is no measuring the amount of the internal baggage that I have lost. And I know that as I continue on this path, that internal weight loss will catch up with my body and then there will be no stopping me.

Last night my best friend, Liana from Vegan Ana, played in her Bell Choir concert on Temple Square. It was fantastic!! If you've never heard a bell choir, you should find one, it's quite the experience. The whole concert was a tribute to the flag, our country, and our freedom. It was AWESOME!! It made me really think about how grateful I am for this country. How unbelievably blessed I am to live here, to have a solid supportive family, spouse, and friends. To have a strong belief in God, a religion that I know to be true, and the spirit of Christ in my life. I am grateful that I know that because of Christ - repentance is a real thing, because I mess up every day, sometimes every hour. And I'm grateful to know that I can receive forgiveness and keep moving forward. That gives me such peace!

I am grateful for a loving and supportive husband! He does so much for me and treats me like a queen. I couldn't do this without him and I give him my heart gladly!

I am grateful for my body. I no longer hate it. I get frustrated with it sometimes, but I don't hate it. I recognize it as a gift from God and that part of my test here on earth is to learn how to control it. To learn how to have more faith, more love, more (dare I say it) patience - in spite of my "natural man" tendencies. I am so grateful that I have a healthy working body. This is such a gift and I don't plan to squander it any more!

I am grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. I try to keep my religious thoughts more to the spiritual side, but I feel that I would be doing myself and my Father in Heaven a real disrespect to not say it. I am so grateful for all that being a member has done in my life. All that it has taught me, and allowed me to do.

I am grateful for my freedom. And to all those men and women that have given their lives so that we can enjoy that freedom. Also to those that are continuing to give their lives, time, and talents for the safety of our country. My cousin is on his 3rd or 4th tour after just re-marrying. That is sacrifice!! Thank you. Thank you to those that serve, and to their families.

I am grateful to my parents, who have given me so much. They raised me in the gospel, they taught me to be independent, and they provided so much for me. Recently I have really learned what it means to have kind loving parents (and to be one) - it makes me think of them and how they have loved me. Even when I didn't really deserve it, they still did. Thank you Mom & Dad - I love you more!!

Oh... for Willow. For her I am so grateful! She keeps me on my toes and lets me cuddle (sometimes). I love her and the joy she has brought to our home.

And last and most of all, I am grateful to my Father in Heaven. For without him, I would not have all of these wonderful things. I thank him for this beautiful earth, for the talents I have been given, for my desire to be better and do better. And for the strength he gives me everyday to keep going!

As this is my 100th post, I am doing a drawing from all the comments left. It will be a random drawing, and there is only one requirement. Leave me a comment and tell me what it is in your life that you are grateful for. Let's count our blessings!! You must leave your comment by the end of Monday, June 14th. The winner will receive a FREE blog makeover. And you can decide if you want me to design it for you, or we can work together to come up with a look that you want and hopefully, will love! Happy commenting!!



I am grateful for my little boy (will be 3 in 2 months). He was a preemie and only 3 lbs 4 oz when born. He is now totally normal and an amazing little boy, and I love him so much! He is the reason I do this. I ran my first
5k today and he said to me "mommy I proud of you" Melt me.
Emma said…
I'm grateful that I live in a world where adaptive equipment is available. And that where most people are understanding of those of us with differences and get that we're people too. Because it means I can live independently, be successful and contribute in ways that people with disabilities like mine couldn't have done in the past.
Michelle said…
I am grateful that both my children were born healthy and remain healthy today. I know I'm very lucky to have such strong, beautiful, smart children and I thank God for them every day.
I love your 100th post... and I love that song "Count your blessing", one of my fav. hymns. Today I feel kind of down, so it is good for me to read your blog and think of my blessings.

My greatest blessing is my husband and best friend. I don't have my parents here on earth anymore, and I don't have best friends or even close friend that I long for... but the Lord blessed me with my husband - who I feel he sent to this earth just for me. He's seen me at my worst and loved me, and seen me at my best and loves me. He's been with me through every bitter battle of my life as well as every joyful moment. So even though, I have great heartache of my longing for close friends and missing my mother... I DO have him and he is my greatest blessing on the earth and my 4 kids right after that.

Thanks for sharing your strength, conviction, testimony, and inspiration!! You are amazing!!


(I post my blog only because it's not linked to my profile - not because I'm trying to advertise it:)
LOVE this post. And that picture you took is amazing. I am grateful for so many things. But honestly the first one that came to mind is you. I know I would not have gone today by myself. You are such a great support to me right now. I love you so much!
Happy Fun Pants said…
I'm so thankful for many things. Right up at the top of the list is that I have finally found the kind of love that I always wanted from a man. I never really thought that I deserved that kind of basking in it feels absolutely divine. I feel like I can do anything with him by my side. Cheesy, no?

I would LOVE to win a blog makeover. Mine really needs it. I tinkered around with it in October and I have no idea what I did so I'm putting off re-tweaking even though it desperately need it. (sigh)
Kira said…
I am grateful for my family. I have two older sisters that take such good care of me. They check up on me and like having me around. It's really nice.
I'm grateful for YOU miss Sam, you are like a sister to me and I'm grateful for that. I like how we go through some of the same struggles and remind each other of the great things of life and of each other.
I, too, am grateful for the gospel. I forget, sometimes, about the peace I find there, but then I go for a run in the rain(for example) and I remember. The Lord is so wise and I'm grateful for the reminders He send me.
The list continues, but I'll leave it at that. :)
GeorgiaBE said…
Today is my son’s second child. And even though they drive me insane at times, I am grateful for all 4 of my children--my little miracles.
Excellent post! 100! Here's to 100 more!
Holly said…
I am thankful for SO many things. I am thankful for first, Christ and what He did for me, second, my family-my husband, my beautiful daughter, my mom to name my main supporters, my friends (both in my physical world and online), my job, my health, and the list goes on.

What a cool giveaway. And such a great post! What a great idea for your 100th post and I am so glad you shared your Julie and Julia story.
Psyfygirl said…
Thank you, Sam. I needed this today.
I am thankful for this moment, for its infinite possibilities. I am also thankful for the croissant and jam I just ate (it will fuel my swim workout). I am thankful that though I cannot change the past, I can change how I look at it.

And I love this lyric.... from holcombe waller; "I count my blessings with the hairs on your head." Luckily i know some hairy people.
interesting timing my friend! I just did a post on a few things I am grateful for on my blog. :)
Today, I am grateful for the spirit. For it is my greatest teacher. With eveything that has happened recently my faith has been tested but the spirit reminded me again today of just how blessed I am in all aspects of my life and with the Lords help we will make it through our trials. Thanks for your posting.....It's been hard keeping in touch over the years so this has really been nice. SO when you see Ana, tell her hi for me!

Have a great day Sam!
Lesia said…
Sam, I am grateful for you and your friendship and, support. I'm glad I was able to meet you and become friends with you. Today is Sunday, and I'm home sick and, I misted Church, But after reading your blog I have been Spiritually fed, Thank you.
I have the same gratitude's as you do.
I'll see you on Thursday.
Traci said…
I have many blessings in my life. I am thankful for God continuing to provide for our family. For that overwhelming peace that comes when you truly are trusting in the Lord. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and children. I am blessed with a great group of friends from my MOPS group. So many more...
Welcome to the challenge Sam! We've only done one check in so it's a good time to start, let us know what your goals are for the next couple of months. I look forward to reading them :)

Also, please rememebr to link back to the challenge page in your side bar (we have badges on site, or you can text link). Good luck!
Congrats on your 100th post! I love comeing to read your blog and cannot wait to see next 100 posts. :-)

There is so much in life I am greatful for that this list could get super long. So instead I will keep it short and general. I am greatful for the people who are close to me and the people who are not. I am greatful for the past and I am greatful for the future. But most of all I am greatful for my life. Life is an amazing gift that can bring you so many wonderful treasures that last a life time.
Annie said…
Great post! You have so much to be thankful for, it is great to read your list. :)

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