Just blah

I've had a couple of just blah days. Yesterday I think I had heat stroke from Saturday. We had some great out door adventures (pics to come) and I think I over did it. So yesterday I just slept, pretty much the whole day. And ate. Why is it when I don't feel good, I automatically revert back to old yucky habits? I just ate and ate and ate. Any bad thing I could find, or healthy thing I could turn into a bad thing... sigh. But... I didn't let it effect me today, mostly. I got back on the horse and ate healthy mostly, until dinner. There's that UNTIL word! :D But after dinner we took a little nap which totally helped and went for a great jog. So overall I would call the day a success.

I have a few heavy things hanging over my head, and I think the stress of it is getting to me. I'm not able to discuss them yet, but promise I will. I think the heaviness of it has been pushing my limits a little. And my house is a big disaster area - and that always throws me off the deep end a bit too. Emotional eating still gets the better of me, but I'm controlling it a lot better than I used to. The last couple of times haven't snowballed into a couple of weeks or months, so that's progress! :)

We went to Heber this weekend with some friends for some play time, it was awesome. We stayed at Ana's parents house. It's a beautiful log cabin home with tons of land surrounding it. They have 7 horses, and quite the arena. The horses were out in the field and her dad was saying how funny it is that they have this gorgeous field, full of fresh, tasty, beautiful grass to eat. But if you went and put out some 2 year old hay, they'd go charging for it. Isn't that so true sometimes! Less and less I'm going for the old hay, but every now and then, it just gets me!

When you're feeling like this - blah - what do you do to pull out of it?



usually sing Mr. Rogers' songs...
or I tell someone I'm feeling blah and see what mischief i can get into with them.
When I feel blah I take a REALLY long hot shower :)
Natalia said…
I'm sorry that you're feeling blah! When I feel blah, sometimes I eat. I think that is way to try and nurture myself. That's what I've always done. Now that I'm aware of it I've been trying some new things to handle it. Like breathing, deep cleansing breaths. That helps. I've also been letting myself feel whatever it is I'm feeling, that's uncomfortable, I try to acknowledge how I'm feeling and somehow move on!

I hope that you feel better soon and that the stresses you have come to a close in a good way!

Take care!
Emma said…
Feel better soon! Trying getting off of the computer and doing something active. I always live on the computer when I feel blah (well, more than usual that is I'm on it a lot anyway) and getting off and doing something else that I have to concentrate on - even if it's just knitting helps a lot.
Traci said…
Sometimes listening to music I love helps. And working out usually helps too.
julielopez3 said…
Sam, Sorry to hear you were having a blah day. I sometimes do just what you did.. eat. Then you stop, forgive yourself, track it and move on. Mostly now that one of my daughters has moved away and I feel blah cause I miss her. I get up and move, just do something. Take my mind off it, walk, listen to some good music.
Hope you are feeling better!
Happy Fun Pants said…
When my house is a disaster area (as is other things in my life) I clean it. I get to thinking about the other things that bother me too - and in the end, I usually have a plan of action AND a cleaner house.

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