Outdoor Adventure Number 3 for 2010

Camping trip pics, enjoy!!!

Mike & I on top of one of our Hikes. We rode the four wheelers up this awesome trail and then hiked the rest of the way. It was so clear and beautiful! Best date ever!  

We were invited to go camping with a family that we met through Mike's work. Wade & Valerie and their two kids Lexi and Easton. Lexi is 13 (actually celebrated her b-day on the trip - Happy birthday girl!) and Easton is 3.Wade's sister and her children, KayCee (I think that's how it's spelled) and Joey, joined us. It was a real pleasure to get to know them and we all had a blast!
The dogs!! Oh the dogs!! There were 7 of them total and they had so much fun! Wade and Val brought their two, Buttons (a yellow lab - the one sleeping on his back!) and Coda (I'm not sure what he is,. He is a medium size dog). Carla brought her four dogs Pumba (a 12 week old puppy, pictured with Joey, SOO darling! And quite spunky!), Romeo (a Pomeranian with an attitude!), Jazzy (a med size dog, not sure what kind), and Lola (a Lassy looking type of dog, so sweet!!!). Willow was the fastest so her favorite part was to get the four bigger dogs to chase her, then she'd show off her stuff. She had so much fun! A little too much in fact, by the first day she could barely walk. It was so sad! :( But her feet will toughen up. She loved it by the end!! Turns out she is quite the climber!

Here are some videos of the dogs:

Here are some just random pictures of our site, where we were, and what we saw!

So Mike grew up around four wheelers, I didn't. I grew up around Motorcycles. Val & Wade brought their two quads and let us play. I rode them last year too, so it was probably my third time on them. I am a cautious driver anyway... so you can imagine how I was on these. I am getting more comfortable though. There was this one trail that we rode a couple of times that had this huge hill (okay, huge to me!). One time while I was driving I wanted to go down it, but chickened out and Mike just reached around me and did it. Later that day I was thinking about it and decided I needed to do it and conquer my fear. This year is about doing things I've never been able to do and overcoming my insecurities, fears, and inhibitions. So we went back, and I did it! Watching the video it makes it look like nothing, but it really was steep!! Mom, you probably shouldn't watch this.

Looking down the hill.

Looking up the hill.

Me, conquering a fear!!!

It was so fun and I'm really glad I did it. We plan to buy one next year, don't worry - we'll buy some helmets to go with it for sure!!!!

Well, that was our trip. It was so beautiful, awesome to get outside and away from the world for a while, and to be with good friends! Thanks for inviting us Val & Wade!!


julielopez3 said…
That looked like fun Sam! Congrats on overcoming your fear!
Lesia said…
Sam~Those were really great pictures and I love the new blog look. My first vehicle was a CJ-5 jeep. I went 4 wheeling every weekend. Your video was impressive, Way to go. I understand the whole "it is steeper than looks." So proud of you! The second and third dog videos would not load. But I got to see the 1st one. Cute pup.smile.
I really nice your blog makeover! Looks great. Congrats on your active and fun weekend! My man LOVED riding ATV's (although we don't own any). Looks like you guys had a blast!!
Joy said…
Way to overcome your fear!! The trip looked like so much fun!! Hugs!
karen said…
What awesome pictures! Looks like you had a blast and I'm SO proud of you for working past your fear!!! You, my dear, rock my socks!
ladyofthehouse said…
Looks like you had a great trip! thank you for sharing your pictures!!
Fun new blog look too!!
:) diane
Natalia said…
Oh wow,that looks like so much fun! I love riding 4 wheelers. :)
Psyfygirl said…
Wow, beautiful and way to kick butt on that fear!

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