Accept them for who they are, and forgive them for what their not

We all have certain people that we have a hard time with. Whether it's because of a personality clash, because they annoy us, because they have hurt us, etc. I have this paranoia that I am one of those people. That I bug people and that they don't like me. I know what others think shouldn't matter but...

So the other day I was thinking about all this as I was dealing with someone that for me, is hard to be around. Don't worry, it's not you (I say that because if I were reading this, that is what my first thought would be). I had this thought occur to me, and I think it carries a lot of wisdom in it. For me, and for that person.

Accept them for who they are, and forgive them for what their not.

And maybe even harder - Accept myself for who I am, and forgive myself for what I'm not.

Whew, that's a heavy challenge! But think about how much better this world would be if we could all live by that? I think about the relationships I have with my closest friends and family. About my co-workers, demonstrators, and other people I associate with. I can see where things could be better in each of those areas if I clung to to this a little more. I know that the Lord feels this way about me, I should have the courtesy to pass that on to others as well. That's my challenge today, be more accepting and kind.


Sarah said…
I know you said it wasn't me, but I totally think it is. ;)

love you.
Lesia said…
I have those same thoughts ALL the time. Because I have a bad habit to call a spade a spade. And so many people don't appreciate my honesty. So I annoy a lot of people. I try to say it doesn't matter if they like me but sometimes it really does matter. And YOU have NEVER came across to me as being
Sam said…
Thanks Lesia!

Sarah - hate to say it but your totally right. :) Love you girl! When are we going to play?
Sam, you may have typed the words but I feel the same way. It's probably not the case with either of us. I think you're one of the kindest people I know and I love you :)

I haven't said it lately but congrats on your weight loss!!
I love that! Thanks for sharing that, I needed to read that today. :)
julielopez3 said…
Sorry, If I annoyed you :(
Sam said…
Julie, you have NEVER annoyed me!! PROMISE!! EVERYONE READING THIS, it is not you!!!! The person I was talking about does not read my blog! Guaranteed! Much love to you all!

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