Live by faith, not by fear

This is something I've really been thinking about lately. There is so much in this world to be fearful of. I don't watch the news, because it's just too depressing. I would rather be ignorant than have that in my life every day. Mike tells me when big things happen, or I hear it from my co-workers. Recently my brother and his girl friend were telling us that the economy here in Utah is suppose to get really bad toward the end of the year. Even just typing that, I get a pit in my stomach. It's so easy to feel that - and feel the panic that comes with it. I have to remind myself that my life belongs to the Lord, and that as I do my part to take care of us, he will do the rest.

This especially applies in my weight loss. I fear that I won't be able to do it. That I'll give up, that I will always be mediocre. But that truth is all of those things Satan wants me to believe. And the other truth is that ALL of them are up to me whether they come true or not. I can choose to believe that crap, or I can choose to have faith in myself, that I am strong. And faith in the Lord that he wants me to take care of this temple he has given me and that he will give me strength when I am lacking.

In these dark times, let's remember to live by faith! There is much light and good out there, let's find it and hold on tight!



I hate to admit this but I don't really know what "faith" feels like. I have always lived with a seed of doubt, especially when it pertains to things I do...

by the way, I prefer not to watch the news as well...
Joy said…
Sam, I totally get what you are saying. You've got it right, do what you know to do, be faithful to it and the Lord will do the rest. Hang in there and don't ever, ever quit. Keep pushing through!! Hugs!
Holly said…
To "A Journey to a new me," faith comes from Jesus. Without Jesus, we have no faith, at least not faith that can move mountains.

Sam, trust in the Lord with all your might! He will get your through this and give you the strength you need. Just as you said but, it's true. I am telling myself this over and over and am praying that one day, I will really, truly believe it.
Natalia said…
Thanks Sam! This is the third post in a row that I really needed to read!
Sam, I think there's a bit more universality in what you're saying. I'm an atheist but a practicing buddhist (most buddhists are agnostic) but the main belief is that most of the suffering in our life comes from our desire to control things (ourselves, people, outcomes, situations, etc.). We'd rather suffer for what we want than just let life take us for a ride sometimes.

The thing I try to remember is that sometimes the outcome is better than I could have imagined. In my effort to control something, I might be preventing something amazing from happening.

In other words, for as much as I want to rule the world (or at least my own world), sometimes the collective moment of things happening around me (or in your words, "the Lord") has a better plan.

"We can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." -- Plato

Buddha didn't reach enlightenment/nirvana until he confronted Mara (on par with the christian Satan) by putting his head in Mara's mouth. It is said that from time to time the Buddha would see Mara in the guise of fear, doubt, shame, but he would invite Mara to sit next to him. He'd pour Mara a cup of tea. In other words, sometimes fear has a place, but it should be on OUR terms, not its terms.
Sam said…
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and feedback, I truly cherish them! That's one reason I have loved having a blog, getting to know different people and different points of view.

A Journey to a New Me - one of things I learned about faith, whether in a religous setting, or a personal setting (meaning faith in myself) is that sometimes you just have to go on the small hope you have in your heart and then do. Sometimes it's only after the doing that you realize you had the faith all along.

Fatgirl vs World - thank you so much for your comment! I especially appreciated the last part about Mara and not running from it, but allowing it to have it's place on my own terms. I agree, there is a purpose for those bad things - how else would we know the good?

Thanks again everyone!

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