So What?!

I weighed in tonight, and I gained 1lb. So what? I didn't have a very good eating week, but I did work out really hard. I feel good about the week I had and about my accomplishments. I can tell a difference in my clothes, so I'm saying so what! I had other wins that mattered more than the scale this week. Isn't it so easy to get discouraged and to compare ourselves to others? Or to get proud and compare ourselves to others. "She looses faster than me, I suck, I should just give up now" or "I"m losing weight so much faster than she is, wow, she must really struggle - I on the other hand - ROCK!". Again, I say, so what! So what if others lose faster than me. While I'm glad for their success, and love to celebrate with them, I don't need to focus on it. I need to focus on my own habits, thoughts, and actions. And on the other hand, so what if I lose faster than someone else. It just means that our bodies are different and we lose weight at different speeds. As long as we both stay on our chosen plan, then that is all that truly matters. As you can probably tell, I'm kind of having a so what night! :D 

Tonight at WW there is this woman, Evon (I'm not sure how to spell it) that hit her lifetime goal and has lost 98.6lbs. She is going to go for the last 1.4lb still, but regardless it was awe inspiring. I totally shed some tears as she was up there, because it gave me such hope that if I stay committed, and I keep going, even if I lose slowly, I too will stand up front one day. And Kris (my leader) will hand me that silly gold key that means so much. She'll tell me that I've learned the skills necessary to live the lifestyle I want to live. That I know them in my heart and in my mind. I'm hoping to do an interview with Evon and will post that with some pictures soon. Congrats friend!!

I think that's why I'm feeling so "so what" tonight. Because I think that I've been feeling judged, when really, it's myself that's doing the judging. Sure comments come from here or there that I allow to get to me, but... really it comes down to me, and how I view myself. When I'm committed and stalwart, I view myself as strong and healthy. When I'm not , I view myself as... weak and powerless. And I guess I've been feeling that way a little lately and projecting it on others.

Can I just tell you, I'm so sick of that feeling!! I'm so sick of feeling like I don't have power over my life. I totally do!!! And that punk called Satan, wants me to think otherwise. He doesn't want me to know how truly powerful I am. He doesn't want me to know that I can have all my dreams come true! He doesn't want me to move forward, to let go of this silly addiction to food, and to love myself. He is just miserable, and he wants to drag me down to his level. Well... tonight, if I were the swearing type, I probably would at him. But, I'm not, so I won't. :) But I will say this - he can't have me. I'm spoken for by our good Lord. I may not be his most loyal and faithful servant, but I am going to do as much as I can to become one. And I know what he thinks of me, I know he appreciates my efforts, and for now, that is enough. I will keep trying, I will keep fighting, and I will NOT give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may have gained this week, but the year ain't over yet!! I'm going to make this next week count, mark my words. Come on guys & girls, let's show all the food, and the critics, - let's show them what we're really made of!!!!



Joy said…
Preach it Sister!!! I'm with you!! We are going to fight this fight together and with the Lord's help we are going to make it!!!! You've got what it takes!! So proud of you!!!! Hugs!!!

You are right... we sometimes are our own worst judge. We need to be our own BEST FRIENDS!!

Well said!!! You are strong and you will do it!!

Natalia said…
I love your SO WHAT! The scale is not the only measure of success! :)
Great post!
We are our own worst critics. My WWers leader always says would you turn to the person next to you and say to them what you are saying to yourself? I love that, because we totally wouldn't, but yet we treat ourselves badly (At least I am guilty of it). You are so worth this... and no matter how long it takes you will make it to the front some day too. I just made my 100 pounds lost, and I got to stand up front, and while I couldn't get much out, I was just shaking... I am hoping that someone/anyone there was able to see that it is totally possible. The scale is not the be all and end all, it is one measuring device... how you feel is more important! Stay strong girl!
Happy Fun Pants said…
I know I'm my own worst critic - I judge myself a lot of the time. And since that stresses me out, I try to do things that encourage me.

But sometimes it's SO hard!

Also, as for comments on here, sometimes I need to remember that people who comment on blogs are just people. And their opinion isn't the's just their opinion. My opinion on what to do and how to do it SHOULD count for more.

I hope that you find the same thing - because if someone is overly critical of you, it's probably that they're overly critical of themselves and just taking it out on you.

I like you - and I think you're doing FABULOUS! :) :)
Nicole said…
I was having a lot of these same feelings last night and today, I recommited myself to my goals. I know that you can do this and if you just focus on yourself and not others you will accomplish great things!!!
So WHAT! YOu go Girl! Very inpiring post!!!!! And scales are not the only cue; your gaining muscle while you work out and that is heavier that fat! So you most likely gained great muscle mass that week! And more muscle means more fat burning! GO SAM!!!
Anonymous said…
Great perspective! Saying "so what" is a great way to deal with a 1 lb gain. There are so many other wonderful things you accomplished. That's amazing that you got to see someone make lifetime!
Heidi said…
Hi you!!!1its me Heidi from the 5k I did it I started my blog lastnight after the run-, come visit me! I really want to thank you so much for kindness during the run, I needed it felt drawn to you. I hope we can stay in touch during this journey of mine you are such an inspiration and I love it. Thankyou again sam (are you doing the turkey trot in novenmber????

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