Feeling Better

Thanks for all the ideas and kind words. I’m feeling better! Tough decision behind me, finished something I was dreading, and got my kitchen almost clean! Haha, I’ll finish the kitchen tonight and start on the laundry (don’t you just hate laundry!). So, some of the emotional pressure has been released. I took your advice and played some good music all day, did some deep breathing, got in some activity, and went to a luau for Relief Society (for those not of my faith, that is what we call the women in our church collectively) last night. Spent some time with a good friend, and made some new friends.

And last but not least, I recommitted myself. I went grocery shopping and got some really tasty healthy meals that I will want to make. I find that when there is fresh yummy food, in my cleaned out fridge and kitchen, I do much better! Duh!! Doesn’t that make sense!! Haha, sometimes I’m a slow learner. If you are lucky enough to have a Harmon’s around you, go!! They have their berries on sale, 5 containers for $10. And they are gorgeous! You can get raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. YUM!!! (It might end today, so you need to hurry!!)

Part of the recommitting myself is in actually tracking what I’m eating, and why I’m eating it. I have not been very good about doing that for the last month or so. I track in my head and still count points. But we all know that when you do that, things slip through. So, I got out my little tracker this morning and I plan to have it out all day!

The other thing I am recommitting myself to is daily prayer on my knees. This will be challenging, as my knees have been hurting and so tight lately. But, I feel like I will be blessed for the extra time conversing with Heavenly Father. There is a lot going on right now, and I need those blessings. I know that’s pretty personal, but… if I say it out loud (or type it as the case may be), I am more likely to follow through with it. :D

I don’t think I’m going to see a loss tomorrow, but, I’m okay with that. I actually had a really good week exercise wise, and I can feel and see shifts in my body. And that is what really matters. Today is a new day, with no mistakes in it!

So I’m going to make a post of all my favorite songs for you, all the songs I listen to when I need to get pumped up and feel better. I hope to do that this weekend!

Smaller Fun Pants – if you’re reading this, I haven’t forgotten about you! I have been working on some of the things you mentioned, and figuring out how to do some of them. I’ll be in touch really soon! :D

Sorry, this post is all over the place. Thanks for all the support and encouragement everyone offers. I have not had time lately to read all my favorite blogs as often as I want, and that makes me sad. I love being a part of your lives, feeling your strength, and learning from you! I’m hoping to get caught up this weekend. I steal a couple minutes when I can to read, but haven’t had a ton of time to leave comments. Please know that I’m there, supporting you in the wings.

Have a great day everyone!!



Joy said…
Hi Sam, So glad you are feeling better!!! I've had to recommit to my plan many times. I think it's kind of fun. Gets me all excited again. Have a great day! Hugs!
Vaia said…
I've had to do the re-commitment and get back to tracking recently as well. The first step is actually doing it - and you did it!! Glad to hear you're feeling better - and got the kitchen clean...I need to do that too.
Annie said…
Way to go on recommitting! That's the first step. :o) Keep up the great work!
Chibi said…
I think just about everyone has had to recommit at least once. :)

I'm with you on being inspired to eat better when the fridge is full of healthy food. The other thing I do to ensure it gets eaten and not forgotten about is to wash & chop everything so it's ready to go and I can't use the "no time to eat fruits/veggies!" excuse.
Happy Fun Pants said…
Honestly? From the people that maintain that weight loss, I think they recommit every day.

And also? Don't worry about the blog design - if it happens, it happens...if you're too busy, that's okay too. :) You're human and all.

Besides, I feel more than a little guilty that I had so many ideas and it was probably overwhelming.

Sorry. :(
Hey, you're better, yay!

Shopping for healthy stuff is always one of those motivating things. I got some "healthies" MOnday and today. I need ot make up for a not-so-great weekend.

Happy week to you!
GeorgiaBE said…
Good for you Sam! I've just stared again with the tracking of food--and I have a "why I ate that" column too!
Anonymous said…
Glad you are feeling better, and great job recommitting! I can hardly count the number of times I've needed to recommit. I've found that having a clean kitchen and clean fridge stocked with healthy things makes healthy eating so much easier. If the kitchen is a mess I try to be in there as little as possible and don't want to take any time to prepare anything healthy even if it's just a matter of taking 2 minutes to slice an apple.
Becky said…
Hi Sam!
I MISSED you on Tuesday! I was SO looking forward to getting to know you better. I hope you are OK and that you will still come back. I won't be there next Tuesday because we'll be on vacation, but I'm there in spirit.
I love your posts this week. I just got through all of them. I too have struggled for a few days this week but am coming around. I'm so proud of you for moving forward each day.
I'm SOOOOOO in on the dinner challenge! The 21st of July is one day short of four weeks from today. So I am commiting to lose 5 lbs. by then. It is not a lot, but I have really struggled to get the scale to move downward, AND I'm leaving on a cruise in two days for a whole week. So having a goal to go down, even in a small chunk, will help me get motivated.
Thanks for all of your great posts! I've been loving doing my blog all week! Thanks for the motivation. I'd love to learn how to make it cuter, like yours.
When I'm back in town, if you ever want to get together, lunch is on me!
Sincerely, Becky

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