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"Until". That is the word of the day according to Kris, my WW leader. When was your last "until"? Let me give you an example, "I was doing really good at eating healthy and tracking until... " I feel myself sliding into that position so I was really glad that she talked about this yesterday. I'm not ready for another until, I think I'd like to skip that, thank you. I had a gain this week, 1.4lbs. While obviously this does not make me happy, I'm trying to really focus on the non scale victories, and the big picture. I feel like for the most part I was pretty good on our camping trip. There were a couple of times I could have made better decisions, but for the most part I was aware of what and how much I was eating. I was able to hike and not be too winded, I conquered a fear, and I had some realizations. It was not a wasted week, even with the gain. Now it's time to just re-focus a little and I know it will come off again.

This week I am going to work on tracking again. I've let that slip and it is so important for my weight loss. Also, I am at the dreaded 230 point, the place where I always get stuck. Not this time. I may get a little stuck for a while, but I am going to push through it. I can do this! I am going to focus on the healthy guidelines, tracking, measuring, and getting in a few workouts. I know that sounds like a lot, and my readers have got after me for trying to focus on too much at one time. However, I feel like lots of these really are habits, I just need to pull them into focus a little. They are not as big a stretch as they used to be. Exercise, I've been doing things that are fun and that I want to do - so they don't even feel like exercise. So the biggest thing out of those will be the healthy guidelines. Making sure I'm getting all my veggies/fruits, water, oils (which honestly I've never done), minerals, dairy, protein, and healthy grains. Some of those are more challenging than others, but I know they are all important.

Here's to a great week!! What are you focusing on this week?



Traci said…
Good job keeping focused. I am working on staying good on the weekend and keeping the momentum throughout the week. Not going crazy at parties. Working out to help with my goals.
Nicole said…
My goal this week is to track as well and t focus on 1 healthy guideline...while I will still focus on the others but mainly to get in my fruts/veggies everyday. I figure once I do that and make a habit out of it then I can focus on oils and milks and such that I get some of but not all. Good luck this week!!!!!
julielopez3 said…
Great goals Sam, You can do it! Sometimes I have to break it down to one meal at a time to get past those hard numbers!
This week I am going to focus on again... not stepping on the scale till Thursday night. This one little thing has helped me so much the past two weeks. I am focusing on just being healthy. Eating right and moving more!
My "until" moment was last night. I was so upset about something that a family member wrote about me on facebook. You know how people write stupid encrypted statuses and you know it's about you? Yea...someone (aka my mom) did that and it hurt so badly that I turned to pizza. I'm going to blog about it. I love you and miss you!
Lesia said…
Sam I learned so much about myself at last nights meeting. Your post was written very well as usual. You are awesome.smile.
NO MORE UNTIL!! I love that!
This week, I need to work on being MORE ACTIVE... going for more walks, going to the gym, and just moving my body MORE!!!
And Sam, I believe you won't get stuck at the 230 this time. THIS time it will happen and you will go lower! YES!!! You are determined and I can feel it in your posts! You go girl!!
littleshorty said…
You are so encouraging. Everytime
I lose a pound I go on an eating
rampage. This week I am going to
try to figure out why I do this.
It has to be some emotional thingy.
Quay said…
I am focusing on being slow and not rushing things. It will happen when it happens. As long as I stay with in my points right? Oh and exercise!! :D
Joy said…
I am focusing on consistency. Keeping calories under control, drinking water, exercise, journaling etc. I had a great day today!!! One down....many more to go! Hugs!!
my fave saying is "why do it today when you can put it off UNTIL tomorrow". guess I need to throw that in the trash because tomorrow never seems to come! I'm focusing on only a few items at a time...I'm afraid if I try too many that I will get overwhelmed and quit. for the most part this is working for me but I do need to step it up.

wonderful post!
This time I assure you that you won't get stuck -- you have a lot of people here to help unstuck you :)
Kira said…
Sam... Let's knock that 10lbs outta the water. I just started a blog and am excited to start using it. You've inspired me to write and so it's you and me cuz. You got me started on this, now we get to finish this together. I LOVE YOU!!

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