Outdoor Adventure 4 for 2010 and Zero Regrets

Thank you for all the kind and supportive comments from my last post. You brought up a lot of great points. Thank you!

Well, my over eating continued again today and reached it's pinnacle at the golden arches. I'm so ashamed I can't even tell you what I ate, but I know if you had been there, you would have just shook your head. I finally realized I definitely have some stress eating going on. I have a loved one with some big health issues that we are very concerned for. We love her and hope that the doctors can find what they need to, to help her get better! I'm also trying to make a big decision. Sorry for being so vague, but until I make a decision I'm not really ready to talk about it. Once I do, I promise I'll let you know. SOOO... yes, as Smaller Happy Pants commented, there is some emotional eating going on. It was just a latent emotion so I didn't recognize it. It continued today all day in fact. However, I still did some good today too.

I got off early (as I worked a long day yesterday), and came home and cleaned! It feels SOO great to have a clean house. I did the kitchen, living room, bedroom, master bath, and started on the office. I'll finish that and the front yard on Saturday. Mike and I then went on the hike that I shared above. It was beautiful and just what I needed. I did learn a very important lesson on this hike. A few posts ago my friends and I went on this hike and it was no big deal for me. But this time, I was huffin' and a puffin' the whole way up! I know that had to do with my poor eating choices the last three days. I don't want that life anymore. This makes me happy to know that it only took me three days to come to that, and not a month or so like usual. Tomorrow is a new day, and I plan to live it like one!

I got to go to this Get Motivated training yesterday and it was awesome! Of course a lot of it is promotional to get you to purchase their books or trainings. But in between all the sales pitches, there was some fantastic information! One person in particular that I really enjoyed was Apolo Anton Ohno, Olympic speed skater. I'm not really one to get into sports, so I'm not really up on Olympians, but he was fantastic! He spoke about setting goals and doing everything you can do to achieve them.

One thing that really hit me was that he works on living with zero regrets. At the end of each day he asks himself if he did all he could that day to get him to his goal. Then he assesses what he did, how he did, acknowledges his wins, and then recognizes how he could have done better. I think this is what I want to do. I've set this huge goal, and the truth is I haven't done everything I could have to get there up to this point. Now, don't get me wrong, I've done a lot and I'm thrilled with 30lbs lost. But it's not enough, I want more! So for the next week, starting tomorrow, I'm going to really focus on doing everything I can in that day (one day at a time - right?) that will help me achieve my goal. And at the end of the night, I'm going to check in and make sure I have zero regrets for the day. This will be tough, I know that. I'm headed into a weekend, I've got the stresses going on I mentioned, and a lot to do. But I know this, I can do hard things, and I can do this!

Join me! Lets live with zero regrets!!!

By the way, my next post will be my 100th post, and I will be doing a drawing from all the comments on it for a personalized blog makeover, courtesy of this amateur artist. Make sure to watch for it!


Lesia said…
I missed you tonight but I understand now why you may have not wanted to go. I am sad you are struggling. I wish I could do something to help you. I like your positive attitude and am not worried that you WILL get back on track. I love your new idea on living with zero regrets. I hope you know you can call me any time if you just need to vent. 801-599-7356 is my cell. Love ya Sam.
Happy Fun Pants said…
Hey there -

Emotional eating is the thing I struggle with the most...so perhaps that's why I saw it in your post. Heck, I could've "seen" it even if it wasn't there, that's how much I look for it! :)

I like the zero regrets idea because I think it gives us a chance to acknowledge both the good and the bad and then plan to do the next day a bit differently. For me, I think it would help with my guilt that I have over eating. Great idea!

Also, I just want to give you a lot of kudos for starting your new idea TODAY instead of Monday, like how most people usually do. THAT shows that you really are dedicated to this new lifestyle.

You have MUCH to be proud of, my friend - no matter what happened at the Golden Arches. :)

Annie said…
Great pictures from your hike. I'm a new reader of your blog. Thank you for being so candid about your emotional eating. We've all been there at some point or another and the fact that you recognized it and are starting new today is great! Be proud of that moment that you realized it. Good luck today as you start it new. You're doing great!
The beauty of life is, while we cannot undo what is done,
we can see it, understand it, learn from it and change.
So that every new moment is spent not in regret, guilt, fear or anger,
but in wisdom, understanding and love.

--Jennifer Edwards
karen said…
Zero Regrets. I love it!!! I've had far too many lately and there's really been no reason for them. Stress can be worked out in ways other than carbolicious yum-yums ... like actually working out.
GeorgiaBE said…
"really focus on doing everything I can in that day "
So hit home for me! Great post! I'm going to work on this myself!
Traci said…
Love the photos. I really like that idea of living with no regrets. I think I'll write a blog to that effect. :)
julielopez3 said…
Congrats on making it to the Living Room, I had no doubt in my mind that you would make it there.
I love Apolo Anton Ohno, I am a big fan of his.
What a good thing to focus on to get to your goal.
Have a great weekend and week!

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