What a lovely weekend!

I had a fantastic weekend! Mike came to visit me (on Thursday) and brought me these BEAUTIFUL flowers!!! Wasn't that so thoughtful of him! He is so good to me. Even more impressive, he picks out all his flowers when he gets them. Love that man!!

I thought it would be torturous not to eat out, but it wasn't that bad. Friday I made one of our favorite new dishes, Green Curry with shrimp. Mike and I went to Cal Ranch and bought some gardening tools for me to use. And I bought some herbs and a starter thingy (yeah, I don't know the name of it, I'm new to this stuff). I'm hoping I'm not too late! Then I made some tasty rice crispy treats, as they are gluten free. Note to self - DON'T make homemade treats! :) Yeah, that wasn't the best idea, but they were tasty!! And really, they are only 2 points per treat; it just kinda depends on how many you eat... oops! Oh well, I'm not beating myself up over it. Then Saturday morning I got up at 8 and worked out in the yard for a couple of hours. We have a huge raspberry patch that is in desperate need of some love. Actually, let's be honest, the whole yard needs an over haul. That will be my project for probably all of the summer. I really enjoyed it though! I took this picture of the sun, because I was so happy it was shinning, even if it's not the best picture.

This a picture of our raspberry patch last summer.

This is a picture of it after we cleaned it out a little (okay, or a LOT).

This is a picture of it after I was done on Saturday. I think it's looking MUCH better! I still have the other half to do and it's twice as bad. **Sigh** But it will be well worth it for the huge plump juicy raspberries!!! Yum! (Fun side note, when I woke up I went to put on some grubbies. I knew I wanted to wear jeans, but didn't want to wear my nice ones. I reached for some old ones that I haven't been able to put on for almost a year. And they came right up! Same with the shirt I'm wearing in this picture. I was so excited!)

Then I went and got my hair done. What do you think of the new do?

Then I hit the tail end of my friends baby shower. I kind of had a break down in scheduling and wasn't able to attend the whole thing, but I did go. I was glad to see her, she was glowing with pregnancy. Does that make sense? :) And I got to see a few other friends as well. We had our picture taken, but I don't have it, as soon as I do, I'll post it. Then I came home and hung out for a few, and then we went to my other friend’s house for her birthday party. We had SOOO much fun and laughed a TON. I get anxious about going into group settings. I don't like them. But I felt comfortable for most of the night and am really glad I went to both the shower and the party.

And then today Mike and I had a great day. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend! I'm gearing up for a great week! I plan to spend time in the yard every day, to go to the gym several times, and the temple. It's going to be a fantastic week, and I hope yours is too!

(I posted a new soup recipe on my Food, Recipes, and More if your interested. Enjoy!)


Dan and Nicole said…
I LOVE your hair!!! It looks very nice. I still need to post a picture of mine, although its still the same. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Those pants you wore to garden in even looked a little loose...how exciting!
It sure sounded like you had a great weekend. Your hair looks way cute, is it easy to fix? I have a blog about my weight journey if you want to become a follower I would really like to hear your comments. Congrats on hanging in there and going to the shower, I am sure it was hard for you but it looks like you are a pro at doing hard things. I made Kris's pineapple/orange cream cake last night and I am right there with you on NOT making treats at home. Luckily I have a lot of neighbors that I passed the extra on to. See you on your blog later. Way to go on the new clothes too. Smile
Back to the spiky hair huh :) Looks great and great job on the yard!!
Russ and Liana said…
I wish your husband would bring me flowers...wait, that came out totally wrong...I should have said, I wish Mike would help Russ pick out some flowers for me. :) Pretty! And LOVE the hair! Mindy?
julielopez3 said…
Cute hair! I wish I would of had time to work in the yard this past weekend I can't wait to work in my garden. Hope you have a great week.

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