I'm looking for a doctor

This post if for my local readers. So, I was really naughty last year, and didn't go to the doctor!! I have just really struggled to find one that I connect with (that doesn't make me feel like I'm just a number) and that is willing to really help me. I received a stern talking to (okay not really, she is too nice to talk sternly to me) from a friend. I promised her I would find a doctor and go. So... if you have a OB GYN that you would reccomend, please contact me. You can leave their info in a comment, or if you want to e-mail me privately, that's fine too. bodymindempowerment@hotmail.com. Thanks for your help!



Sarah said…
Call me - no one knows as many physicians as I do. :) And you know it's true because I don't have a life other than dealing with physicians.....

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