Tracking more than just food

Last night in Weight Watchers we talked about having good self monitoring skills. We talked about the fact that we are NOT the number on the scale. I am NOT my weight! I am NOT my weight! (Just drilling it in, ya know?) That we cannot control the results on the scale, only our actions. And that as we are on this journey to a healthier life, we need to monitor other things as well so that we can have a good outlook about ourselves and the success we are getting. As I have been really emotional lately, I've done a lot of emotional eating. Normally I track my food online, but this week I'm going to use the little paper booklet. And I'm not only going to track my food that I eat, but the reason I'm eating. I'm pledging to myself not to eat one bite until it is written in my tracker, along with the reason behind it. I have a feeling this will be really eye opening to me of often I really do eat food for reasons other than hunger.

It's been really interesting to not eat out. I never realized how often I did before, and how often I think about it. The first few days, it was all I could think about, you know that whole "want it because I can't have it". Then for the next few I wasn't dwelling on it as much, but I would still think, "We should go XXX tonight" or "XXX sounds really yummy, maybe I'll stop there on my way home" or "I'll just go to XXX for lunch and then I can sleep longer instead of getting up to make my lunch". I would have these types of thoughts probably a couple of times an hour. It's made me realize how addicted I am to eating out! Not that eating out is a bad thing all the time. But it does kinda depend on where you are going, and what you are eating. And for the most part, these cravings are not for steamed veggies and grilled chicken. ;) There have also been several times where I've almost compromised with myself or rationalized about what could be considered "eating out". But I haven't given in (go me!) because I want to FINISH something. To be able to say this was my goal, and that I did it! So I'm going to make it clear here and now with all of you as witness that going out to get frozen yogurt for dessert is eating out! There, now there will be no rationalizations to make about that one! :)

Share your off scale successes with me, what did you do well today?



Quay said…
What did I do well today??? hmmmm Ok My family is planting a garden Saturday. SO everyone is gathering at my brothers house (he has the huge yard) anyway..we are going to BBQ!! My brother told me to make salads, and make then WW friendly! So I did. I put my recipes in the recipe builder and "wa la" WW points all ready to go. We can have 1 1/2 cups for 4 points for each salad. Not to shabby! I am going to put them on my recipe section so you can see them if you like! Oh and were BBQ-ing turkey franks and turkey burgers. (just so ya know) hehe

Hang in there 10 days gluten free is GREAT!
Look at all the money you are saving by NOT going out to eat so much. I am so proud of your commitment to tracking your emotions before eating. Way to stay strong. I am going to get my healthy oils in everyday this week, even if I have to just drink it off the teaspoon. Last week I changed my breakfast from oatmeal to fiber one cereal and didn't get my oils. But now I am back with the oatmeal and oil so I hope the scales are nicer next week. I am not a big fan of little numbers on the scales.... TY for being part of my support system, I think you can NEVER have too many people cheering you on!
I am doing well when I have time to take a shower, clean the bathroom and get my kid fed before 10am :)

And I agree that we are not the # on the scale :) Good job kido!
Russ and Liana said…
I made it outside today (I REALLY had a hard time getting my butt in motion)and conquered a project that I thought was impossible!!! Go me!
julielopez3 said…
I lifted weights this morning. I have tracked everything I ate today, and did 2 hours of yard work.
Eating out was a bad habit for me too. I started really paying attention to my families favorite places to eat and then remake a healthy version of them at home. It saves alot of money and you control the points. You are doing a great job keep up the hard work.
happyfunpants said…
Good for you - really. I think the WHY we eat is way more important than WHAT we eat...because if we can't solve the first, we'll never be truly successful with the latter.

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