Going to be a great day!

Just thought I'd tell you that the skies are clear this morning, I heard the birds chirping on the way into work, and it's going to be a great day. Last night I was (as you could probably tell) not in the best mood. But this morning things are looking brighter. I found some forgiveness in my heart for things I felt wronged for, and was forgiven for some things I had done. Forgivness is a wonderful thing! So I start the day with a happy heart, and a whole mind (hopefully that will last!). I am planning on having a great day, and making my voyage trip to the gym (first time in a long time). I hope and pray that each of you has a beautiful Spring day as well!



Sorry I havent read for a few weeks. You amaze me Sam. You have such insite to your soul. You are gaining understanding we all want. You are making the effort to see inside yourself and work on the good and the bad. Keep trusting in yourself. Keep working each day and someday you will wake up and the good habits you want will just be there. You have so much to offer, keep sharing, I love you more!!! Mom

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