As Promised.....

Can't believe I'm going to post these, but here goes. :)

Christmas 2009

(Look how tiny Willow is!!!)

April 4, 2010 (Wearing the same pants and shirt)

Me & Willow (I hate the look on my face, but it shows you how tall she is)

And in this one, I'm flipping you off. I assure you, that was not intentional! :)

She always looks like she has these alien white eyes, but she has gorgeous chocolate brown eyes. As she was just spayed, here is one more with her in, "The cone of shame". So sad! :(



Dan and Nicole said…
You really do look good! You can definitely see a difference. Just think what you will look like at goal. You are doing great!! Keep it up :)
Russ and Liana said…
Look at those ears!!
Quay said…
I love pictures! And you puppy is adorable in the cone of shame! And I haven't known very long...but I think you look really good. I can't wait til I am as small as you!!! :D

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