Getting a little bit crazy(ier)!

Some updates on our little family.

Mike: So we got the results back from the MRI. He has a herniated disk, and two bulging disks. There is a picture above to show a herniated disk (the top one) and a bulging disk (the second one). Looks painful, I'm so sad he has to go through this! At this point, there really isn’t anything the Dr’s can do for him except to shoot him up with pain meds. He has chosen to go a more natural route (which I completely support!) and we will be loading him up on the supplements. He still is not suppose to sit for more than 30 minutes at a time, so we don’t know how long it will be until he can return to work. Please keep him in your prayers that he’ll heal quickly!

Willow: was spayed on Wednesday. I have some pictures of her with her cone of shame (I'll post them on here later tonight, so come back to see them!). It's actually so cute! The night she came home, it was so sad to see her so stoned, but kinda funny. She had these large chocolate eyes, and no one can do puppy dog eyes like Willow! They told us to fix her tail (it's broken at the tip) they would just have to amputate it. We said NO!! That is so much part of her charm, and it doesn't hurt her. They had to pull her three last baby teeth while she was out. One of them came right out, but the other two were crazy deep and would not have come out on their own. Just looking at them makes my mouth hurt! She is not suppose to run, which is hard, because she is FULL of energy! She is so dang cute, just love that dog!

Sam: She is a nut job people, really she is! :) I weighed in last night, and unfortunately gained 3.4lbs. But, it was to be expected. As mentioned in my last book (meaning really long post) I mentioned I'd been eating my stress. I tend to do really well when I really put the pressure on and challenge myself with something big, so that's what I'm going to do, I want to stay in this game. With Mike's back, it is now imperative that he loose a few lbs to help strengthen his back. He has wanted to try a gluten free diet for a while. So... I've agreed to do it with him, for 30 days. I'll still be following weight watchers plan too, I just won't eat anything with gluten in it. This is going to be challenging! During those 30 days, I'm also committing to not eat out once! And to track my food every single day. I will be keep track of all three of those goals on here to stay accountable. I have a feeling this will be hard, but will be a good challenge to help me take my focus off stress and do something productive! Wish me luck!

On Christmas I had my mom take pictures of us as before pictures, the whole family. This Sunday, I'm going to have her take another one. The biggest difference is Willow! She is SOOO much bigger. But I can see some things in me too. Watch for those to post, hopefully Sunday night.



Dan and Nicole said…
I hope your husband's back will get better! Good luck with the gluten free and not eating out. I made a goal to not eat out either and it has been one week. It's so fun to make different dinners every night and then take them for lunch the next day :)
Quay said…
I am loving your posts...I have been on the gluten free diet before. It really isn't so bad. I am so excited to see you make your plans for the month!! I am going to be checking in everyday. (not that I am a pro at eating now) But I would be extra glad to be your diet buddy if you need one? :D You are so positive, I know you can muster it up and complete the month the victor!!! *I have my eye on you* ;D
Russ and Liana said…
Um...I believe you promised pictures? eh hem!!
Higbee said…
Sam this is great. Ernie has been doing a Gluten free thing for a while now. Our house is about 75% gluten free. Anyways your photos look great and we wish the best for Mike. We always call Doc to see what we can do. So make sure to pack on the extra Osteo FX plus, Gluco and more! :-)

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