4 Is More Than 2, and 1 Is Too Many

Isn't it funny the games we play in our head? For those of you doing Weight Watchers, I'm talking in points today. I was thinking about bread (even though I'm not eating it right now). I have a friend whose husband joined WW with her a few days ago. The bread he loves to eat is 2 points a slice. So if he has two slices for a sandwich, he is using 4 points for bread. To me, that's too much. I'd rather use only 2 (for those local readers - try the Prairie Grain bread. The one with the white label and black and red writing!!! It's delicious heavy wheat bread and only one point per slice), and then use the other 2 on something else. So in the case of bread, 4 is too many. But then if you were talking about something like Chicken or meat, then 4 is just right. My newest treat is this - 1 point for mini marshmallows, 1 point for chocolate chips. I measure it out on my electric scale and then snack on them throughout the day. I get a sweet treat all day, but don't use many points. What foods are you willing to spend points on?

1 is too many? This thought comes from recalculating your points. You know how as you go down in weight you have to recalculate your points and you lose 1 point for every 10lb increment? It always amazes me how that 1 point can throw off my whole groove! It takes me at least a week or two to get readjusted to the new point value, even if it's only a difference of 1. I guess it's true; 1 point really does make a difference! :) What tricks do you use to manage your points?


Nicole said…
I am like you and don't like wasting points on bread. I buy the Dunford bread that is also one point and only $1. I also try to leave anywhere from 10-15 points for dinner. I have low point breakfast and lunches in order to use the majority of my points for dinner. Some days I am more hungry than others so I will have a snack.
I am a total point watcher! I have the hardest time allowing myself to eat ANYTHING over 4 points. So you guessed it I eat lots of veggies and 1 point items like sandwich thins (for bread), WW yogurts, fruits, and my newest love is WW fudge bars for 1 point. I don't even come close to using my 21 points a day but in my mind I can't justify eating bigger points just in case I want something at the end of the day, (which by the way has NEVER happen during the last 6 months) I should just eat the points and I bet my weight would come off easier too. But I still can't get past that THIS is NOT a diet but a life style change. And if I eat things that I know are not healthy then it feels like I am cheating on my diet...I know I am weird!
Quay said…
Oh Sam....I know just what your saying! And as Lesia said, this is a lifestyle change. I wrote about the same thing in my blog today. Well sorta! It's about struggles. I am willing to spend points on the WW fudge bars for 1 point. And the yogurts for 1 point. And the rest of my snacks are usually carrots!! And as far as tricks go. I use a lot of whole wheat...and brown rice. And the other motivating factor for me is my brother is paying for my WW's so I surely don't want to disappoint him! So he is my big cookie factor! hehe

And I am going to try that bread!
Mama Bear June said…
Don't do the point thing. Recently went gluten, dairy and corn-free, so rarely have bread anymore.

But welcome to the HYC! :-D
Path to Health
julielopez3 said…
Well, I am not willing to spend them on 8point doughnuts anymore. I am like you when and if I do eat bread I use a low point bread. I use Dunford Bakers whole wheat it is only 1 point.
The trick I play with my brain is on my milk and oil. I use 1 cup of 1% milk with a WW smoothie packet and 2tsp of oil, shake them all together and it is 5 points but I got my 2 milks in and 2 oils and saved myself 1 point in doing it!
Sarah said…
Despite how chubby I feel afterwards, I can't turn down chee-tos. Ever! They are my weakness....although I was recently able to switch over to the baked kind and I think they are just as delicious. :)

Chester Chee-to has nothing on me!

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