Ouch... my bum hurts... that was a big fall

Ummm. Yeah. That thud you heard back there, yeah that was me falling off the wagon. :) Yesterday I got a tad bit emotional and fell off the deep end. I landed in a BIG pile of cheesy nachos. Possibly two plates full. And there may have been some chocolate chips involved. Maybe. So what was I to do but eat them??? **Hangs head in shame**

No really, I had an emotional night and didn't handle it very well. I didn't have the best weekend either. Last night I had this thought "This is the beginning of the end." This is how it always happens. How I always get stuck and stop trying. I have a couple of bad days and before I know it, I'm justifying all the food, and before ya know it, I don't care anymore. So I wanted to come clean so that I could let it go, forgive myself, and move on. The difference this time, is that I actually have some real accountability. That makes all the difference. So I'm slapping my hand, and going to the grocery store. That way I'll have LOTS of healthy foods to choose from. Thanks for listening. Thanks for holding me accountable. :)


You are going to be ok. Just keep going sweetie. If I can you can...Lets hold each other UP!
julielopez3 said…
You can do it Sam, You acknowledged your fall, figured out why and moved on. Remember is persistance not perfection.
Higbee said…
Eat before you go so you are not tempted to buy the wrong stuff. Hang in there.
Lisa said…
Hang in there!!!

- Lisa
ladyofthehouse said…
I'm an emotional eater too Sam, and that's typically the root of my backsliding.
I too felt like 'oh no - here I go again' about a week ago. But I did just as you are - I headed to the grocery store and just said now way, I will not throw away all of this hard work!
You can do it! Remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" !!! Hugs!!
Sarah said…
Everyone has rough patches - allow yourself to have some down time gal. It's necessary!
KatDoesDiets said…
That's always my line too, I don't care. But I DO care, that is what I am trying to tell myself when I get that way now, I DO CARE.
Good job getting back up, dusting yourself off, and trying again...that's where we find success!
I sure missed you at the meeting tonight. Hope you know I was thinking about you all week. You doing ok?

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