Attitude is everything

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my job? I am a Service Account Manager (a SAM for short. Yes, I am Sam the SAM) for Stampin' Up!. What that means is that I get to work with 78 of Stampin' Up!'s top demonstrators. I help them with corrections for orders, answer questions on promotions, products, and policies. And my favorite part, I get to coach them in their goals, encourage them to do better, and cheer them on for their successes. I love it! I look up to these women and totally respect what they do. My dream is to someday have a successful business like they do. Our company announced a big change today in our colors. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but it really is! I was so impressed with my demonstrators (yes, I claim them as mine!) and their attitudes. They took the change well, and even though there may have been some disappointment at colors that are leaving, they were really positive. And what's more, they shared those amazing attitudes with their downline (people they have signed up) and with other demonstrators. Every day, they share that with me. I learn so much from each of them and am grateful to have them be a part of my life!

Sometimes my attitude kinda sucks. I need to learn how to not re-act. Please, someone teach me how to not re-act!!!!!! :) Ahhh, to live and learn? That's why we're here after all, right? Right! Anyway, my point is, have a good attitude, because it sucks to have a bad one. Trust me, this I know. Someday, I'll master myself, who knows, maybe it will be tomorrow! :) Sorry, I'm in a weird mood tonight. I had some things happen today and yesterday that threw me for a loop. I'm just trying to find my footing; I know it's there somewhere. I think sleep will help. Good night dear readers, I hope tomorrow is a sunny day!

(Oh, I started Gluten free today, it went well. I had a tasty home made lettuce wrap for lunch and it was really good!)


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