Celebrating Success!!!

I feel really good about the last week! I know I'm going to have a pretty good loss, but that's not all I'm feeling happy about.

I'm still doing gluten free, and am not really struggling with that! There has been only one time where I forgot. Mike and I went to a birthday party for my friend and there was a beautiful cake. I LOVE CAKE!! Big weakness for me! So I thought, I'll just have a small piece. And all night I thought about how tasty it was going to be. I didn't eat a lot of the other things so that I could save on calories. Finally it came time to cut the cake. As her sister passed me, I asked her to cut me a small piece (with lots of frosting though - you people who wipe it off I just DON'T get you!;). I was so proud of myself for managing my points, and for asking for a small piece. She goes to hand it to me and Mike looks at me and says "You can't eat that!". At first I was a little indignant, but then I realized what he meant. It has flour. BOOOO!!! I was so sad! But really, that has been the only time it's been a challenge. Okay, that's not true. Sometimes grocery shopping is hard, but as long as I avoid the bakery, I can remain calm. Haha.

I also feel really proud about not eating out for more than two weeks now!! I know that eating out isn't necessarily a bad thing. And that the whole point about WW is that you can make it fit into your life style. But a BIG part of my problem the last five years is that I have become addicted to eating out. And eating horribly when I do. And spending WAY too much money on it! I have become so dependent on those "feel good" moments I truly doubted whether I could do this. So I am really excited to find that I can! And I feel great, and have stopped thinking about it so much. On Friday nights it's hard to stay in, but other than that I'm getting use to it.

I have been walking this week with one of my friends. We also will have another friend joining us soon. We went on Monday and Tuesday, and I went by myself yesterday (in the rain!). We are going again tonight, and I'll go by myself tomorrow, as she can't go on Fridays. There is a fun walking trail just right in our neighborhood. We aren't exactly sure how long it is, but it takes us about 30 minutes to walk it. It feels good to be out and about! And, sadly we had to cancel our membership at the gym. But I am determined to make the outdoors my gym this summer. I have a beautiful bike and plan to ride, walk with my friends, hike as much as possible, and even try some new things.

I had mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was going to track my feelings and why I was eating along with my food this week. I really feel like it made a big difference. There was one time that I emotionally ate. I recognized it for what it was, but didn't stop it. But then last night I felt the urge to do it, but didn't give in. I plan to continue doing this as it really helped me to be more aware of my body. And I think it helps me to not only "diet" but have an actual healthy relationship with food.

I weigh in tonight. I don't know what the scale will say, but regardless, I feel like I've had a very successful week!!


Wow Sam! I am impressed on your will power with the cake. Sad you didn't get to enjoy it:( Sounds like you have a good routine with the walking thing. Good luck tonight and I will see you there. I already weighed in this morning and had a big loss so now I can go eat something...LOL It sure helps me to go in the morning so I don't starve myself all day. Lets keep each other on track!

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