An update on things

Good things about today:
*It's also a warm sunny day!
*I'm going to the gym, hopefully with my cousin, but if not, I'll still go alone.
*I'm going to plant my herbs in their little starter thingys (still don't know the name).
*I'm going to Costco, that's always a delightful experience (maybe I'll buy a new shirt and a pair of jeans for Mike).
*I'm making yummy taco soup for dinner! Its SO easy and way tasty, thanks to Liana for sharing the recipe. I'll take pictures and post it to my recipe site.
*THE SUN IS SHINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*I'm eating clean today!!!
*I have eaten gluten free for a full week, not eaten out for a full week, and tracked my food for a full week!
*I didn't give in yesterday and eat out and eat gluten, so today I feel happy about that!
*Willow goes in for a follow up today from her surgrey, and hopefully will get the go ahead to actually run. Not that she hasn't been, you try stopping that dog from running! But we haven't been actively encouraging it, and her energy is all bottled up. She needs to run good and hard for 30 minutes.
*DID I MENTION THE SUN IS SHINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Can you tell I'm excited? Yes, read that as if I'm screaming it at the top of my lungs. Love that sun!)

Not so good things about today:
*I kept getting stuck behind slow people on the way to work to day. Uhg, don't they know that's why there are mulitple lanes? The left lane is NOT for people going 10 under the speed limit. GRR.
*Yesterday Mike had an injection of steroids, he is still in a LOT of pain. I am crossing my fingers and praying hard that it will kick in and he will get some relief soon. Please pray with me.
*Yesterday I did have a two hour fight with food, and I'm very sorry to say the food won, so I don't feel so happy about that today. But.... I am not beating myself up on it, and looking at the bright side - that most of the food I did eat was not that terrible for me and was all gluten free! And I didn't order pizza, even though I REALLY wanted to! Darn emotional eating, I've got to get that one under control! ;)

TODAY will be a GREAT day! Hope yours is too!



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