At Weight Watchers they teach us to not only acknowledge the scale, but also the little wins along the way. It's about changing our life and our behaviors, more than loosing the weight. Because if you can change those long term, the weight will come off! Last night I had a lot of points left over, so we decided to splurge and go to one of my favorite restaurants, La Frontera. I know what your thinking, what a dive! But seriously, they have the BEST Mexican rice ever! If you haven't had it, go try it. Just don't go to the one in West Valley. Try the one in Sugar house (that's the best one) or the one on 104th South. Anyway... I always get two Chili Verde Enchiladas with a huge side of rice. In fact if you tell them not to give you the "salad" (which is just shredded lettuce and some diced tomatos) you get more rice!! :) And you get free chips and salsa to start on, so by the time your dinner comes.... well you know! So last night when we sat down, first thing I did was ask for water with lemon (the lemon helps you not to retain water by the way, try it!) and a small plate. Then I portioned out the amount of chips I would allow myself to eat on the plate, instead of eating half the basket. Then I got one ala carté chili verde enchilda with a side of rice, and the "salad". I only ate until I was full. Which was 1/2 the enchilada and about 3/4 the rice!!! WOO HOO!!! Big win! I got to eat what I wanted and enjoy being out and about, I left feeling in control and proud of myself (and not sickly stuffed like I usually would have been after eating the entire dish), and this morning I was down on the scale!



We Rock Well said…
Hi cutest girl!! I want to wish you nothing but success on both of your goals! I too have taken on resolutions that go right along with yours... so I'll be visiting your blog frequently I think. Also, you should check out the weight support group blog I belong to, and maybe join as well! Good luck Sam!!

P.S. We need to hang out!!
Kari said…
Woo hoo! You go girl!

So glad to hear you are winning already! i'm with you - hoping to be significantly less of me by Cruise this year, and bikini body perhaps by Convention!

Keep it up - your willpower is a force to be reckoned with, my friend!

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