Just a little scary...

Well I have officially opened my blog for others to view and sent out invitations. I must admit it's just a little scary to put myself out there. Especially because I'll be talking about my weight (and sharing numbers) and personal life, which makes me feel very vunerable. But I want the accountability, support, and to help others who are in the same painful situation that I am (of our own doing of course, but we can change too - so there!). So I am putting it all on the line. Sorry my posts are so long, I promise they won't always be that long! And I plan to share recipes and funny stories about me doing yoga and pilates, so stay tuned! :)



I'm so proud of you Sam! Remember... we all love you and are here to support you in any way that you need!
There is nothing harder and painful then taking responsibility for ourselves :) I had to do that this past year about my weight and it payed off for me and it will for you!
2009 was a very painful year for me, loosing a baby made me face other issues I had been hiding from, with my weight, and I had to face them. I can now say that I am starting this year out much happier. Love you Sam, wish you and Mike nothing but the best. You deserve to be happy!
Sarah said…
I love it - thanks for including me. This is awesome....anything I can do to help, call me.
Kelsey said…
Way to go girly! I wish I had your motivation. You are a strong women and you can do anything!
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I believe in you Sam! I really do--I see such strength in you. Soon you will feel the strength we all see and there will be no stopping you girl.

I love that you are working out from home. That seems like the best place to get into a routine. I really enjoy (when I do it) the 10-Minute Trainer videos--you can start with 10 minutes (which kicks butt) or you can do them back to back and do as much as you can handle. The trainer is Tony..from P90X--he's good. His routines engage more than one muscle group at a time so, it doesn't take long at all.

Also, you could always try eating Gluten-free when it comes time to switch things up. You wouldn't have to be as restrictive as those with Celiacs disease, but it's actually a really safe and healthy way to eat. Wheat products are often bad carbs anyway.

Is my post too long? hehehe Sorry!

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