Willow is getting so big, it's crazy! It makes me a little sad, even though I'll be happy when she is a little more trained. She is so smart and is doing really good! She already has learned sit, lay down (which she gets about half the time), stay, come, and go home. We started puppy classes this week and she is going to kick butt! :) Couldn't be a more proud puppy mom. Enjoy the pics!

This is Willow the day we brought her home. She was about the same size as her toy.

We were trying to get her to go down stairs here. You can see that look in her face, like "Guys, I'm not that crazy... yet!". She has since not only mastered the indoor stairs, but our big back door stairs as well!!

This was last week, I gave Willow her first bath and she did really good! She stayed in the tub and didn't really even cry at all.

My little family taking a nap.

This isn't the best picture, but it shows you how big she is getting!!



it was great to meet Willow tonight, see your new place and eat your wonderful dinner! Thanks for having us over, we'll do it again at our place sooner then later :)
Hey Sam! You're amazing. I'm proud of your progress already! I love your little Willow. She's a sweet looking puppy. :) I'm gonna keep track of your progress, you'll be my inspiration for post-baby. love you!
hey girl,
love your new blog :) I'm so glad you decide to start one!!
And.... how stinkin cute is Willow!! I just have to meet her this summer (hint hint).
Kari said…
OOOOHhhhhhhh - she is SO sweet! I just love her! I want to meet her!! I know the feeling - the cuteness of puppyhood is also kind of nice to get past when they are trained and well behaved - good luck! :)

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